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Our organisation is actively committed to road safety and has implemented a number of initiatives across the business to improve safety for our colleagues and the general public. A great example of this is the use of telematics data from our onboard vehicle tracking system to report back vehicle speed and driver behaviour. Combined with a Group-wide policy and campaign reinforcing the law on UK road speed limits we have been able to effectively manage road safety across our organisation.

The Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre (FMIC) is a cooperation body of motor insurance companies in Finland. Their joint traffic safety efforts are coordinated and supervised by the Traffic Safety Committee of Insurance Companies (VALT), a body appointed by the Board of the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre. Based on legislation (Act 24/2001) the FMIC organizes the investigation of road and cross-country traffic accidents and upkeeps the accident database. In Finland, every fatal road and cross-country accident is investigated in-depth and on-the-spot by multidisciplinary investigation teams.

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