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Las actividades se desarrollaron conjuntamente entre esta Delegación PMSV en Valladolid, Rivekids, y las delegaciones en Valladolid de Stop Accidentes y AVATA.

El público que se acercaba al evento tenía la oportunidad de recibir, directamente en el RiveCar de RiveKids, las indicaciones oportunas sobre la correcta utilización de los SRI (Sistemas de Retención Infantil) así como conocer las ventajas de estos sistemas a contramarcha.

The competition was organized for the purpose of promoting traffic safety as an integral part of the project:
"10 Golden Rules of Traffic" that HAK realizes as part of its cooperation with the World
Automotive Organization (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile).
The aim of the competition is to encourage young people's creativity.
The spots can be any kind of film genre, genre and genre, lasting up to 15 seconds. HAK for needs
creating videos offers visuals that can be used in the campaign.

Our school was chosen as a school ambassador and carrier for the Day project without mobile phones. Our students, together with our Police department and interior ministry, warned the public of the danger of using mobile phones in traffic.The project is conceived so that in the first year of campaigning (2017) except the announcement campaign will be announced on October 21st as the Day Without Mobile Phones.
The project has been approved and financially backed by the National Security Program
road traffic of the Republic of Croatia 2011 - 2020, and continues in 2018.

The traffic police students participated in the online High School Contest competition in the knowledge of traffic regulations, which lasted from 1.10.2018 to 30.11.2018. The students completed the tests and learned online through the web application on traffic regulations and had an exam from each lecture.

With the extreme hig fatalities in public transport Drive More Safely worked with the provincial departement of traffic and the police on the road blocks to ensure that passengers of public transport is safely buckled up. In around 4hours fron 21h30 to 02h00 we monitored 420 taxi's of which only one had every passenger strapped in.
This has been our urgent call to government for the past three years to ensure compliance it needs to be policed with no tolerance.