Evropská charta bezpečnosti silničního provozu

Road Traffic Assistance Association from Romania

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We Commit to the European Road Safety Charter for the following three years by setting out the following objectives:

Objective 1: To promote road education of pre-school and school population on road safety.

Objective 2: Prevention of accidents in the county of Satu Mare through information campaigns, awareness and sensitization of the population.

To achieve the above objectives we propose:
- Awareness and sensitization of the population in order to comply with traffic rules, to promote road safety through: school educational programs, programs to inform people about traffic rules, demonstrative campaigns of interventions in case of accidents, development of informative guides, promotional materials, etc.

Direct beneficiaries
- Children, young and adults across the country.

Indirect Beneficiaries
- Civil society as a whole

As part of our action plan we will distribute: 10 000 key chains 10 000 t-shirts 10,000 pens engraved 20,000 flyers 10000 book marks 5000 pennants 500 flags 30 000 guides 30,000 pocket calendars.

Additionally, we will enact the conditions and procedures for making and conducting ROAD ASSISTANCE in Romania (Troubleshooting, Repairs / towing, transport) initiated as a result of situations encountered in road traffic, interventions of fake professionals in the management of road incidents, of transport of damaged cars.


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