European Road Safety Charter

Royal Automobile Club of Belgium

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
In order to reduce the number of accidents due to the lack of experience of drivers who have just obtained their licence, over the next three years we will be working with different partners to provide special training in defensive driving.
This additional training consists of a one morning course (initiation safety stage) or a full-day one (master safety stage), and eco-driving which aims to inculcate the participants with the actions that enable energy-saving and speed management. Most of them are similar to preventive behaviour.
The target public for this training will be drivers who have passed their test and wish to improve their driving. Drivers who have followed our training will be able to benefit from a reduction in their insurance premiums for at least one year.
We will organise 1000 training days on several sites, which makes a total of 10.000 courses.


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