European Road Safety Charter

Scuderia Tuscia Viterbo A.S.D.

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Scuderia Tuscia Viterbo a.s.d. undertakes, over the next three years, to design dissemination tools on road safety, for use on specific occasions:
- At motor racing events (two to four per year), at which the speaker will be responsible for promoting, among drivers and the public, the respect of safety measures, underlining the differences between the race track or course and the road. At each event, approximately 20 drivers and 300 to 500 members of the public will be present at the track and at the squares marking the starting point of the road races.
- On the website:
We will disseminate messages that aim to promote sensible road safety behaviour and provide news on road safety regulations along with news on ACI-CSAI (automobile-club Italia) initiatives relating to this issue. The site receives approximately 1,500 visits per month, one-quarter of these coming from abroad.
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