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road safety

road safety

Ο οργανισμός μας σε συνεργασία με την Κοινοφελή Επιχείρηση του Δήμου Ασπροπύργου (ΚΕΔΑ) και μετά από πρωτοβουλία της προέδρου της ΚΕΔΑ κυρίας Σοφίας Μαυρίδη , συνδιοργανώνουμε την εβδομάδα από 18 έως 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2019 , βιωματικά εργαστήρια οδικής ασφάλειας και κυκλοφοριακής αγωγής σε συνάρτηση με τη Βιώσιμη Αστική Κινητικότητα στα 500 μέλη- παιδιά των Κέντρων Δημιουργικής Απασχόλησης του Δήμου Ασπροπύργου. Συγκεκριμένα το εκπαιδευτικό πρόγραμμα αποτελείται σε δύο μέρη το θεωρητικό και το πρακτικό. Το θεωρητικό μέρος αποτελείται από ενημέρωση στα παιδιά σε τρεις υποτομείς .

The overall goal behind it is to make roads safer than ever before. TankTaler brings eCall and Driving Score to almost every car. Whenever a driver is involved in an accident, an ambulance will be sent to the accident location. Driving Score is an incentive for drivers, sponsored by insurances to foster anticipatory driving. Users collect TankTaler when avoiding hard accelerations/ breakings.

Romania is one of the European countries with the highest mortality rate in road accidents (91 dead to 1 million people in 2014), according to data provided by local authorities.

Working together with our colleagues in FEVR and in the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety & Road Victims -advocating for Road Victims - working to reduce road dangers - working to improve information, protection and supports for Road traffic Victims and for their bereaved families. Working to highlight the human impact of road traffic collisions and to raise road safety awareness, helping to reduce road dangers. Together, we can save lives and prevent needless suffering and loss of life.

11. aprill 2014
Salão Nobre
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3. veebruar 2014
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Axel Druart (Responsible Young Drivers) recently spoke with us about the European Road Safety Charter’s new mission to engage with vulnerable road users, particularly youth.

“At 16-years-old, you start to be able to drive a motorbike, so you need to know you have to wear a helmet, you need to know the consequences if you’re over speeding. It’s some kind of ignorance because they have never had the experience of a crash.

"As well, alcohol and drugs are very deep issues right now.”

The ERSCharter plans to hold workshops in each of the 28 EU member states for the period 2013-2016. Druart, a road safety expert and avid campaigner, highlights the main aim for these events:

“Our goal is to engage young people and young stakeholders, working in road safety altogether, to connect them, to create synergies, and to create concrete outcomes after the workshops. Mainly we want to exchange ideas, opinions.

"These are the topics that we will bring to the workshops during the European Road Safety Charter.”

Axel Druart was speaking with us as part of the ERSCharter experts’ meeting, held in Barcelona at the end of 2013.

You can watch the full video below. 

/file/axel-druart-road-safety-expert-european-road-safety-charter_etAxel Druart, road safety expert, on the European Road Safety Charter

/file/global-plan-pillar-2-safer-roads-mobility_etGlobal Plan - Pillar 2: Safer Roads & Mobility

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28. jaanuar 2014

Nato principalmente per far capire ai giovani che la vita e' un dono prezioso, e bisogna averne cura..
I punti chiave del corto/film sono 3.
1) Sicurezza in primis.. Mettersi il casco,  allacciarsi la cintura in auto.. Non usare cellulari..ecc
2) Capire che una distrazione anche minima possa determinare eventi catastrofici, sia per se stessi per per gli altri..
3) Non guidare in stati alternati di coscienza, determinati da alcol, droghe, e altri stupefacenti, che coinvolgono sia giovani che adulti.

Regista: Marcello Randazzo

Musiche : Marcello Randazzo

Aiuto regia: Giada Di Pasquale

Produzione: Gambino Michele , Rosanna Bosco

Direttore fotografia e montaggio: Ciak For You

/file/solo-111-metri-regia-di-marcello-randazzo-filmcorto_etSOLO 111 METRI Regia di Marcello Randazzo ( film/corto)

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28. jaanuar 2014
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Sharing the Road with Cyclists

Cyclists are entitled to road space as much as cars, vans, goods vehicles or indeed any other vehicle on the road. This commercial aims to educate drivers on sharing the roads safely with cyclists, and motorists' responsibility to cyclists as vulnerable road users.

 - Road Safety Authority Ireland - 

/file/sharing-road-cyclists-road-safety-authority-ireland_etSharing the Road with Cyclists - Road Safety Authority Ireland

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28. jaanuar 2014

Former F1 star David Coulthard stars in a new advert promoting safe driving on country roads.

The Road Safety Scotland campaign which was launched by Transport Minister Keith Brown shows Coulthard giving a step by step explanation of good driving practice.

/file/david-coulthard-driving-school-safety-advert_etDavid Coulthard driving school safety advert

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28. jaanuar 2014
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Gorseinon Young Firefighters do the Harlem Shake for Road Safety.

The Harlem Shake phenomenon that has become an overnight global internet sensation has inspired Young Firefighters from Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service to create their own version to promote road and fire safety advice.

/file/gorseinon-young-firefighters-do-harlem-shake-road-safety_etGorseinon Young Firefighters do the Harlem Shake for Road Safety

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28. jaanuar 2014
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Studies have shown that drivers don’t fall asleep without warning. Drivers who fall asleep at the wheel have often tried to fight off drowsiness by opening a window, or by turning up the radio. This doesn't work for long. 

/file/think-dont-drive-while-tired_etTHINK! Don't drive while tired

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28. jaanuar 2014
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Here is the winner of the Global road safety film festival 2013.
The title of the film is "Rétrospective" and comes from Vietnam.

/file/r%C3%A9trospective-vo-anglais_etRétrospective (VO anglais)

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