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12−14 − Yngre tonåringar

12−14 − Yngre tonåringar

Každoročně naše škola organizuje Cyklohrátky pro mateřské školy, přípravné třídy a žáky 1. až 3. ročníků. Tam si děti mohou vyzkoušet své zručnosti na kole, poskytování první pomoci a jsou obdarovány reflexním panáčkem "Veroňáčkem", který jim radí, jak se mají chovat na chodníku, přecházet přes silnici a jak se mají chovat na kole. Některé děti si Veroňáčka tak oblíbily, že s ním chodí i do školy.

Když nám v zimě napadne sníh, hrajeme si s reflexními prvky, abychom byli pořádně vidět.

Každoročně se zapojujeme do projektu od spolku Auto-Mat a každý žák prvního stupně sbírá zelené kilometry. Akce se koná vždy jeden týden na podzim a jeden týden na jaře. Na podzim v roce 2015 jsme vyhráli první místo - za nejekologičtější cesty do školy.

Po čtyřletém podávání žádosti u Sdružení pražských matek se nám konečně zadařilo vyhrát projekt "Bezpečné cesty do školy." Díky tomu v našem átriu vyrostl přístřešek na kola. Žáci naší školy ho rádi využíají a někdy dokonce praská ve švech!

27. januari 2016

El colegio María Inmaculada de Verín, ubicado en el Ayuntamiento de Verín(Ourense), España, es un centro escolar en el cúal se trabajan las etapas educativas de Educación Infantil, Educación Primaria y ESO, que cuenta con 545 alumnos desde los 3 años hasta los 16 años.

Tenemos dos lineas educativas distribuídas en las tres etapas educativas desde 3º de Infantil hasta 4º de ESO.

EDUCACIÓN INFANTIL: AULAS ABIERTAS (GRUPO DE ALUMNOS HETEROGÉNEOS DE 3, 4 Y 5 AÑOS) Programación del curso 2015/16 O B J E T I V O S: Valorar las normas elementales de seguridad vial y usarlas correctamente. Conocimiento de las señales de tráfico y otras normas básicas de circulación. Fomentar hábitos de comportamiento correctos como peatones en zonas urbanas y en carreteras. Fomentar hábitos correctos de seguridad como pasajeros en todo tipo de transportes. Fomentar hábitos correctos de seguridad y desarrollar la responsabilidad como conductores de bicicletas, patines, patinetes, etc.

26. januari 2016 till 26. januari 2017
Colegio Sto. Tomás - Avilés

In the school year 2015/2016 our school once again took part in the educational program for first graders from primary schools called “Puchatek Safety Club”. The first year at school is a new stage in the life of both a child and his parents. For many of parents it is the first time they leave their child in teachers’ care. This is why we want our school to be unforgettable experience for children.

“Road Crashes – Let’s Talk” Campaign The Association “Road and Safety” invites primary schools to participate in a nationwide preventive and educational action called “Road Crashes – Let’s Talk”. Our school has joined this initiative for the fifth time. The topic of this year’s edition was “Visibility on the Road”. The action was under the patronage of the Minister of Education. Tasks planned and carried out as part of the action “Road Crashes – Let’s Talk” 1. Talking to the pupils about the necessity of being visible on the road during form tutor periods. 2.

Apart from activities connected with traffic that are conducted during lessons, pupils from grades 4-6 can learn in the Green Classroom. Fourth-grade pupils participated in such a lesson and the topic was “Road Users”. The lesson in the Green Classroom gave us the possibility to monitor traffic, indicate road users’ proper and improper behavior and divide road users into pedestrians, passengers, drivers and cyclists. We could check if their behavior was in conformity with the Highway Code. It was great.

Our school is successfully winning over partners to propagate road safety. We established cooperation with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways – the Department in Kraków. They sent us a parcel with booklets for our pupils and one of them was “The Colored Highway Code”. It was published to increase the level of children’s safety on the road, during play or on trips. The book acquaints pupils with the world of traffic regulations in a very simple way. It contains all the road signs concerning pedestrians and cyclists.

For the second time our school organized an evening party, “The Fluorescent Soiree”, for grandmothers and grandfathers called “Granny, Grandpa, Be Visible On The Road”. A lot of invited guests gathered in a beautifully decorated gym to see the first-graders’ performance – the representatives of local authorities and institutions, police officers from the District Police Headquarters in Dąbrowa Tarnowska, students of the University of the Third Age and retired teachers. Pupils’ grandmothers and grandfathers were special guests of honour.

En los últimos años, desde el Ayuntamiento de Puente Genil, se ha hecho un importante esfuerzo para a través de la policía local implementar programas preventivos de Educación para la Seguridad Vial, con el objetivo de conseguir una movilidad más segura y sostenible en nuestra ciudad, conforme a las políticas de la Unión Europea. El programa educación para la Movilidad Segura y Sostenible “Puente Genil Educa” en el nuevo curso académico llegará a más de 2.600 niños, niñas y jóvenes, de 3 a 18 años, en educación infantil, primaria, secundaria y bachillerato.

Le collège Marc Seignobos est situé à Chabeuil, en Drôme. Cette année, le département de la Drôme est lourdement affecté par l’insécurité routière. Depuis janvier 2015, 40 personnes ont trouvé la mort. 10 morts, soit 1 sur 4, avaient entre 18 et 24 ans. Plusieurs dizaines de personnes resteront lourdement handicapées, En tant qu’établissement scolaire, avec plus de 840 élèves agés de 11 à 15 ans, nous avons la responsabilité de sensibiliser les jeunes aux risques routiers.


According to The World Health Organization in the year of 2013, 186,300 pupils under eighteen die on the world’s roads almost every year and road accidents are amongst the top five causes of death for kids over five and the primary cause between the 15 – 17 year olds. Car passengers and pedestrians report roughly three quarters of road deaths amid the youngsters, while girls are twice less likely to die on the roads in comparison with the boys.

La nostra Associazione si occupa di sensibilizzazione e prevenzione stradale, primo soccorso e scuola di vita. Il nostro target sono gli asili, le scuole primarie, secondarie, superiori e tutte quelle persone che si mettono in strada.

Con esta campaña se conciencia al ciudadano. Un dron no es un juguete. Es una aeronave. Probablemente, más de una persona ha recibido uno de estos artefactos de Papá Noel o los Reyes. Si es así, con nuestro flyer podrá aprender a utilizarlo sin generar riesgos para la seguridad vial ni correr el peligro de ser multado.

On 6th May, 2015 a four-person team representing our school got a second place in XXXVIII Polish Nationwide Road Safety Tournament in the category of primary schools. There were two stages in these competitions. In the first one, participants form nine Primary Schools and four Junior High Schools wrote a test at the gym in Szkoła Podstatowa z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi Nr 10 im. Polonii w Słupsku (Primary School With Support Classes Number 10 in Słupsk). The second stage took place in WORD (Voivodeship Training Cetre For Drivers) in Słupsk.

The School Safety Club was established on 10 November 2010. 55 members belong to the Club. The board consists of: the chairman – Ernest Fido, the deputy chairman – Magdalena Kozioł, the secretary – Maja Łoś. The aim of the School Safety Club is taking action concerning ecology and the improvement of road safety in our local community. Joining the Club gives the possibility to put the theoretical knowledge on ecology and safety rules into practice. We focus on educating pupils, parents and members of local community on these matters.

On 29 October 2015 the Road Transport Inspectors visited our school. They met with the pupils from grades 2 and 3 and the members of the School Safety Club. The inspectors gave a talk about how to be safe on the road and pavement and how to behave on a pedestrian crossing. They emphasized the necessity of being visible and reminded children of the obligation to wear fluorescent elements. Pupils intently watched a PowerPoint presentation about being safe on the road as a pedestrian, a cyclist and a passenger.

In S1-S3 we introduce all the Physics of Mechanics and Dynamics through a Road Safety theme. We teach speed, velocity, distance, displacement, stopping, braking and thinking distances through a game called Chicken Run where students have to predict the stopping distances of a car under various conditions and speeds. In S3 students use the knowledge they've gained to complete a simulated Road Crash that was put together by Police Scotland (Dumfries and Galloway).

Campaña enfocada a las Fiestas Navideñas a través de Christmas elaborados por alumnos/as de los Institutos del municipio de La Laguna desde el 17 de diciembre hasta el 6 de enero con mensajes para un consumo y conducta responsable. Cada día los chicos/as de los institutos así como el Ayuntamiento de San Cristóbal de La Laguna enviaba una tarjeta diferente, en las fechas anteriormente citadas, a través de las redes sociales (facebook, Instagram y Twitter, web del Ayuntamiento) además del whasapp.

School no 51, District 2, Bucharest, is a public primary and lower-secondary school whose mission is to offer education based on three dimensions – formal, informal and inclusive education and which aims at having a graduate with complex education and instruction, a capacity of attending further education, flexibility and adaptation to the changes imposed by a dynamic, European society. School no 51has been developing a partnership with a duration of 2 years with the Local Police and the Association of Road Traffic Victims – Romania (AVAC), starting with the 2014/2015 school year.

STIVO’S ROAD SAFETY EDUCATION In the framework of our corporate social responsibility, STIVO has developed citizenship and road safety education plans toward civil society and especially young public between 8 to 18 year-old in order raising awareness and understanding of road safety and citizenship issues. As a public transport company, we have decided to provide road safety information for children because they are vulnerable as passengers or pedestrians. Early education gives children the tools they need to be safer today.

29. november 2015
23. september 2015 till 12. februari 2016
Zespól Oświatowy w Mysłowie

El Proyecto Seguridad Vial en Familia nació cuando mi mujer y yo nos quedamos embarazados y buscando una silla de retención infantil segura nos dimos cuenta de la total desinformación que hay, tanto en las familias como en los comercios que se dedican a la venta de este tipo de artículos.Yo soy Guardia Civil de Trafico, llevo 14 años en los equipos de Atestados e Informes de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, como investigador e Instructor de accidentes de Trafico. Desgraciadamente, por mi trabajo veo cosas a veces muy desagradables que se pueden evitar con mas información.

16. december 2015 till 30. juni 2016
St. Nicholas College Middle School

Este projecto teve o seu inicio em 2014 em parceria com o Núcleo Escola Segura da Guarda Nacional Republicana. A actividade é desenvolvida nas Escolas do Agrupamento, dividindo-se em duas partes, uma teórica e outra pratica. Na actividade teórica o Guarda Principal Machado aborda em sala os diferentes temas relacionados com a temática onde são visionados filmes educacionais. Na segunda parte da actividade o Guarda Principal Machado monta um circuito rodoviário no exterior da escola onde os alunos vão colocar em pratica os conhecimentos adquiridos na primeira parte.


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