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15-17 - Adolescents

15-17 - Adolescents

The Grammar School Nicosia has been organizing Road Safety week during the first week of November for 18 consecutive years. The program includes seminars, speeches, demonstrations, presentations, workshops for all classes, suited to each class level. A special ceremony is organized every 2-3 years...
Deaths and injuries due to car crashes or other casualties related to road safety.

National Road Safety Olympic Games "Be safe on the road with I&G Brokers" is an pioneered initiative of the Road Safety Institute, jointly organized with I&G Brokers, supported by 4 municipalities- Sofia, Stara Zagora, Pleven and Rousse and Ministry of Education. It happened between 1st of |December 2018 and 30th of April 2019. In its first edition, 4600 students from 64 schools from 3rd and 7th grade participated.

From the very beginning, the project "Bezbednost je vrednost" was conceived as cooperation with cultural and educational institutions, in order to emphasize traffic education and education, whose lack in the education system is one of the key reasons for the suffering of all age...
Naslavljam problem ozaveščanja dijakov o pomenu varne mobilnosti in trajnostne mobilnosti ter odgovornem ravnanju v cestnem prometu.

Giannoukas Driving School from Greece, in collaboration with the football team " Ajiax Taurou", organized a seminar with the aim of raising awareness in the field of road safety. The seminar was aimed at high school.
students, who were invited to learn about road safety rules.

- Information and Awareness on road safety
- Safe traveling
- Road behavior and safety-critical ability cultivation on transportation issues
- Lifelong learning about road education issues

Dealing with road safety issues among young drivers in the Arab sector in Israel.

The Traffic Safety Association in cooperation with the Faculty of Traffic Sciences
May 15, 2019, starting at 12.00
Expert round table - SECURITY ON 2 WHEELS
Faculty of Traffic Sciences, Zagreb, Vukelićeva 4


We are addressing the safety in traffic problem, alongside with the congestion problem, having in view that we hope to create the habit for future adults to ride the bike to work instead of using the private cars.
School transport for trips and educational trips is an important segment of the collective transport of people by bus. In Italy and abroad there have been several bus accidents involving school children on educational bus trips. ...
Brăila has mainly six roads and boulevards with intense traffic, which might be eligible for the production of many car accidents. As not all of the issues can be solved at once, after a serious examination, we decided to settle the Dorobanților Boulevard as the principal subject. This road has a...
Lack of promotion to participants from public authorities (Education organization)
The support and general organization of assistance and solidarity activities to the families of the victims of traffic accidents are aimed at adopting decisions to regularly manage the reported unpleasant events from the first moment to the point where we need to participate in pain and sorrow when...
The latest figures show that the safety of motorcyclists in Europe has not progressed at the same pace as that of car occupants. In 2017, motorcyclists represented 15% of all fatalities. The situation is even worse amongst those seriously injured, where the percentage of motorcyclists is even...
Do not teach Road Safety in school, but build a learning environment for children on this issue. Changing the role of the teacher in this training by a teacher (mainly providing knowledge) to a facilitator supporting learning.
• La sempre maggiore presenza di studenti allofoni, spesso non in grado di esprimersi in una lingua veicolare comune, negli Istituti Scolastici bresciani. • Mancanza di conoscenze di base del comportamento sulla strada da parte di allievi provenienti anche da Paesi con regole molto diverse •...

The competition was organized for the purpose of promoting traffic safety as an integral part of the project:
"10 Golden Rules of Traffic" that HAK realizes as part of its cooperation with the World
Automotive Organization (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile).
The aim of the competition is to encourage young people's creativity.
The spots can be any kind of film genre, genre and genre, lasting up to 15 seconds. HAK for needs
creating videos offers visuals that can be used in the campaign.

Our school was chosen as a school ambassador and carrier for the Day project without mobile phones. Our students, together with our Police department and interior ministry, warned the public of the danger of using mobile phones in traffic.The project is conceived so that in the first year of campaigning (2017) except the announcement campaign will be announced on October 21st as the Day Without Mobile Phones.
The project has been approved and financially backed by the National Security Program
road traffic of the Republic of Croatia 2011 - 2020, and continues in 2018.

The traffic police students participated in the online High School Contest competition in the knowledge of traffic regulations, which lasted from 1.10.2018 to 30.11.2018. The students completed the tests and learned online through the web application on traffic regulations and had an exam from each lecture.

We all know that Children try and copy their parents behaviour in almost all aspects and same is the case in driving and when they are on road,in India almost all children learn road safety from their parents when they are travelling with them as formal road safety training is not taught to...
The education giving them will be implemented after leaving hospitals by telling drivers against the intake of alcohol, shun narcotic drugs and have prior knowledge of traffic safety, they should not over-speed.
We are addressing the problem of mobile phone use whilst driving. It is a problem that we have noticed in our area and one we hope to raise awareness of. You are 24 times more likely to crash when you are sending a text message whilst driving. We hope children will remind their parents to stop...
DDAD Academy constitutes an innovative prevention strategy device based on individual experience (alcohol driving simulation) and reasonable arguments instead of deterrence: The main tool of DDAD Academy is the innovative Virtual Reality Drink Driving Simulator, the first of its kind in Europe...
A big percentage of road accident victims in Cyprus and the rest of Europe are young people under the age of 25, many of them not wearing helmets. As a pioneering member of the European Road Safety Charter since 2004, Cyta always believed that it is very essential to start educating and...

Gran jornada la que vivimos el pasado viernes en una actividad de Seguridad Vial en la localidad de CAMAS.

Se trató de una charla, a 200 alumnos de 4° E.S.O. sobre el uso del casco tanto en moto, bicicletas, patines y vehículos eléctricos de desplazamiento individual.

La llegada de más de 20 motocicletas a la plaza del Ayuntamiento, donde nos estaban esperando, fue la primera sorpresa para los jóvenes que posteriormente siguieron la charla en el Salón de Plenos con bastante atención.

Nuevamente, con nuestros Voluntarios y amigos de ÁNGELES VERDES, FORO HARLEY, LOS REFUGIADOS, ORIPPO, BACCA y otros MOTEROS LIBRES que se han sumado a nuestra causa, hicimos -el miércoles 13 de marzo- una nueva actividad de Seguridad Vial en el IES TORREBLANCA.

Primero entramos en el patio para enseñarles nuestras máquinas y luego les hablamos a unos 90 alumnos sobre la importancia de ayudarnos a SALVAR VIDAS de todos sus familiares y amigos, haciendo que siempre usen el casco en cualquier vehículo de 2 ruedas que utilicen.

Otra intervención sobre Seguridad Vial y Motos el jueves 21 de marzo. Esta vez en el IES V CENTENARIO Sevilla Este.
Nuevamente el esfuerzo de los voluntarios, llegados desde diferentes localidades con la sola finalidad de ayudar; después el asombro de los estudiantes viendo llegar las motos al patio. Entramos en clase y les hablamos a 90 alumn@s, de cómo podían ayudarnos a Salvar Vidas.
!!Fue genial!! Gracias a TODOS.

Acciones diarias que sirven para salvar vidas. Seguridad pasiva, conocimiento de norma de circulación, informar sobre como gestionar una situación de emergencia ( siniestro), enseñar acciones diarias que de no hacerlas supondría maximizar las posibilidades de riesgo vital. Cinturón de seguridad...
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