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18-25 - Fiatal felnőttek

18-25 - Fiatal felnőttek

Pernod Ricard has observed that some young adults face problems of excessive and/or inappropriate drinking within student parties in Europe which has an impact on drink driving problem and decide to address this issue. The aim is to create with/for students a pragmatic toolkit with a specific approach towards alcohol prevention to raise awareness among young Europeans.

Il Piano d’Azione della Polizia Stradale prevede un concreto impegno non solamente per la diminuzione del numero di incidenti e di vittime, ma anche per un decremento delle violazioni delle norme del Codice della Strada, in particolare quelle più gravi, come la guida in stato di ebbrezza e sotto l’influenza di sostanze stupefacenti, l’eccesso di velocità e il mancato utilizzo della cintura di sicurezza.

Campañas de información no ámbito dos desprazamentos.

18. szeptember 2014
Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos

El exceso de información desinforma. Cambios y anuncios de cambios descolocan... Aquí encontrarás, en lengua catalana, la normativa completa sobre conducción de bicicletas actualizada y presentada de forma telegráfica y visual.

22. szeptember 2014
Bruxelles Mobilité, Salle de l’Iris, 80 rue du Progrès, 1030 Bruxelles
9. szeptember 2014
The European Commission Representation in Bulgaria Rakovski Street 124
21. augusztus 2014

Your Ideas Your Initiatives is a school contest encouraging young people to create Initiatives related to Road Safety & Sustainable Mobility. 

We have just launched a road safety summer contest: 'Summer on the road? Reach your destination safely, & have some chill time reading on your Kindle. Play with Your Initiatives summer game to win one every 2 weeks!'

Ready to play? Start from here:

22. április 2014
different bicycle roads in Lund

Safedrive Africa Foundation (SDAF) is a non-government organisation, governed by the provisions of the Kenya NGO Act Number 19 of 1990 implemented by the Kenya NGOs Coordination Bureau for local non-profit and international non- profit organizations and foundations. Our specific Objectives :

The Floow design the world's most advanced and lowest-cost telematics systems. Driver education and advice is delivered to all end user drivers through mobile phones after each journey, and then later through online web portals. The educational content is unique and relative to how the individual has driven. Content is direct and based upon scoring elements relating to safe driving. Details of scores are showcased to the user to encourage them to improve their driving behaviour and promote road safety.

Team of 5 safety driving trainers and 8 eco-driving trainers performing trainings for groups of young drivers, experienced amateurs or/and professional drivers.

15. szeptember 2014 - 19. szeptember 2014
University of Birmingham
United Kingdom
8. szeptember 2014 - 12. szeptember 2014
University of Birmingham
United Kingdom
1. szeptember 2014 - 5. szeptember 2014
University of Birmingham
United Kingdom
1. május 2014 - 31. május 2014

Nuestra misión es la de hacer recapacitar a los empleados de la problemática que existe con la conducción automática o subconsciente que se produce normalmente en trayectos muy conocidos, como el de ir a trabajar (in itinere) o en el desempeño de la propia actividad profesional (in labore).

2. július 2014
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1. július 2014

The 'Road safety & media' webinar took place on 4 June 2014 at 11:00am CET.

“How to give greater visibility to your road safety activities to positively influence your environment”

Watch here the video recording, on our YouTube channel.

Here below, you can find the agenda and presentations:

  • Intrduction 
    Susanne Lindahl, Policy officer, Road Safety Unit of DG MOVE, European Commission
  • The THINK! Campaign and its media strategy
    Tim Lennon, THINK! senior campaign manager, Department for Transport, UK
  • Media strategy to raise public awareness and influence political decision
    Jean-Yves Salaun, General Delegate, La Prévention Routière, France
  • Events and methods to attract media attention – examples of EYFRS and AVENUE project
    Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona, President, Road Safety Institute "Panos Mylonas"
18. szeptember 2014
online webinar
European Countries

Centrum Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego jest polską firmą z 25-letnim doświadczeniem. Od 15 lat specjalizujemy się w działalności związanej z bezpieczeństwem ruchu drogowego i ratownictwem. Działalność Centrum BRD opiera się na trzech głównych kierunkach: • działalności prewencyjnej związanej z Bezpieczeństwem Ruchu Drogowego • prowadzeniu szkoleń z zakresu udzielania pierwszej pomocy i ratownictwa, począwszy od kursów podstawowych do profesjonalnych, dedykowanych dla służb mundurowych i medycznych. • produkcji zestawów pierwszej pomocy i apteczek.

Améliorer la sécurité sur la route : c’est la mission que s’est donnée la société RoadEyes. Entreprise française créée en 2011, RoadEyes regroupe une équipe de développeurs européens en charge de la création des solutions logicielles utilisées sur l’ensemble de sa gamme produits, et une usine à Taïwan certifiée ISO 9001-2000 et QC080000, gage de qualité de fabrication et d’assemblage. RoadEyes, qui bénéficie du soutien d’OSEO, a su développer des solutions automatiques d’enregistrements embarquées de la route, connues sous le nom de «boîtes noires vidéo».

1. június 2014 - 30. augusztus 2014
21. június 2014 - 21. július 2014
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20. június 2014
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With the new "Going Abroad" mobile app, check all important road safety rules across the EU before leaving on holiday or from wherever you are. And entertain your passenger(s) with two fun games about road safety. Here's a preview of what the app will look like! Available in app stores before your summer holiday.

/file/european-commission-road-safety-app_huEuropean Commission - The Road Safety App


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