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Road crashes data collection and analysis , road safety awarness , policy designer.

21. mei 2014
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FACTUM is a SME founded in 1988 that focuses on traffic and mobility policies from the perspective of psychological and social sciences. The main objective is to develop and implement suitable instruments that make solid research, e.g. on human motives, viable. The targeted areas are approached under consideration of culture, lifestyle and life quality as those play a vital role. The expertise of FACTUM lies in qualitative and heuristic methodology (round-table discussions, focus-group interviews, in depth and narrative interviews, workshops).

Según la normativa vigente, los conductores tienen que renovar períodicamente el permiso de conducir, por lo que tienen que venir a realizar las pruebas médico - psicotécnicas. Cuando examinamos a los conductores, realizamos campañas de concienciación de lo importante que evitar las distracciones al volante, llevar cinturón de seguridad, conducir en buenas condiciones físicas y psiquicas, respetar señales, etc.

PREVENTIVA, S.A., es una compañía fundada en 1943, con el objetivo de contratación de toda clase de seguros y reaseguros.

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7. april 2014

Road safety work in the EU has made great progress over recent years. Between 2001 and 2010, the number of fatalities on EU roads was reduced by a total of 43%. Between 2010 and 2013, it was reduced by a further 17%. However every road death is one too many - so we need to do more. The strategic target is to halve road deaths between 2010 and 2020 and also to start focusing EU efforts on reducing serious road traffic injuries. To achieve this goal, determined and joined-up action is needed from many actors at EU, national and local level.

Read the full article here below.

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1. april 2014
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Impressive decrease in the number of people killed on Europe's roads. Read more on the European Commission press release from 31 March 2014. 

We are all part of this change, let's continue in the good direction! Together we are Road Safety! 

Aren't you a member yet? Join the Charter today.

8. december 2014

Our organisation is actively committed to road safety and has implemented a number of initiatives across the business to improve safety for our colleagues and the general public. A great example of this is the use of telematics data from our onboard vehicle tracking system to report back vehicle speed and driver behaviour. Combined with a Group-wide policy and campaign reinforcing the law on UK road speed limits we have been able to effectively manage road safety across our organisation.

The Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre (FMIC) is a cooperation body of motor insurance companies in Finland. Their joint traffic safety efforts are coordinated and supervised by the Traffic Safety Committee of Insurance Companies (VALT), a body appointed by the Board of the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre. Based on legislation (Act 24/2001) the FMIC organizes the investigation of road and cross-country traffic accidents and upkeeps the accident database. In Finland, every fatal road and cross-country accident is investigated in-depth and on-the-spot by multidisciplinary investigation teams.

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25. juni 2014
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2. april 2014
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Migliorare la qualità della vita, oggi e per le generazioni future.

Puntare  al raggiungimento di una  maggiore sicurezza  stradale  rappresenta un obiettivo  così sensibile  e  così  importante  da essere  avvertito   a livello internazionale,  in  quanto  ogni   anno  in   Europa  muoiono  più  di  35.000  persone   (l'equivalente  di  una  città  di  medie  dimensioni)  e  i feriti  sono  circa 1.500.000.  Il  costo per la società, sia in  termini di  vite umane che di  spese mediche, è altissimo: supera i 120 miliardi di euro.


Desde 2013 estamos desarrollando nuestro Plan de Movilidad y Seguridad Vial denominado " El Buen Camino".

Servicios de Auditoría, consultoría, asesoramiento e ingeniería en todos los ámbitos relacionados con la empresa y administración pública.

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11. maart 2014
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The 'Road safety programs for children' webinar took place on 11 March 2014 at 11:00am CET.

Watch here the video recording, on our YouTube channel.

Here below, you can find the agenda and presentations:

  • Educational programs with a focus on bicycle training for young children 
    Tina Panian, Educationist and project manager at Austrian Mobility Research - FGM-AMOR
  • ‘Road Safety at Eye Level’ initiative, in collaboration with Børneulykkesfonden (Child Accident Prevention Foundation) 
    Helle Hessel, communication and PR manager at Volvo Group Trucks Danmark A/S Children’s participation in road safety programs
  • María Bercetche, Road Safety strategy manager at P.A.U. Education

Somos la Policía Local de Sant Boi. Todos priorizamos la seguridad vial, especialmente nuestros educadores viales... Tres agentes full time con el apoyo oscilante de otros 9 compañeros (2 guías caninos y 7 policías de barrio).

Cada año pasan por nuestras sesiones de educación vial más de 150 participantes por cada 1000 habitantes, cosa que nos coloca al frente del ranking metropolitano, con cobertura sobre los todos los colectivos de uso de la vía pública con algún perfil de riesgo: niños, adolescentes, jóvenes, adultos, gente mayor, nueva ciudadanía, profesionales y mujeres.

Información vial legal y vivencial. Divulgación de riesgos locales. Entrenamiento para reducir daños en el accidente.


La Policía Local sintetiza el aprendizaje de los 229 siniestros viales de 2012 a través de un ROAD SHOW basado en 11 expositores monográficos.

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6. maart 2014
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The ERSCharter presented its brand new visual look, that is reflected on this website, the social media and all the communication channels.

You can show your support to the initiative by downloading the banners here below and publishing them on your website, blog, social media, newsletter (there is a special Facebook cover picture for you!), as well as in your printed communication.

Show your support to our community, and make a difference to European Road Safety!



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