Europejska Karta Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego

Thessaloniki A.E.

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We commit to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years, in the following ways:

  • We will provide, free of charge, to each of our trainee drivers (customers) a driving lesson with a skid-car simulator. This is an electro-slip mechanism that simulates the behaviour of a vehicle in conditions of reduced friction in other words slippery surfaces. We will begin to give out these lessons from the 1/1/2011 up to the end of 31/12/2013. This free of charge lesson and will be targeted to all prospective drivers of Category B, C, D, E. The lesson will take place in our private training track in Thessaloniki, 12-14 Tombazis.
  • In the next three years we will also distribute 1000 CDs to all of our prospective drivers from the educational program of the immaculate project. The Immaculate project focuses on the improvement of urban environment quality of air and noise levels in the roads. We believe that by focusing on these issues driving conditions are improved (Http://
     These CDs hold material that describes, explains and educates the reader about the immaculate project.
  • Finally we will be posting videos on our webpage regarding road safety education and more specifically on user behaviour.


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