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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


We plan to raise awareness regarding traffic accidents and safety measurements related to in transport business, professional drivers, amateur drivers, officials and pedestrians (adults and children).
1.     In TIR Magazin, each issue, we will have a publish dedicated pages on Road Safety about national and international regulations related to road transport activities, traffic accidents statistics and tips for professional drivers about all the safety measures that can take while in traffic.
2.     On the website, we will post videos about safety measures produced by the biggest truck and bus manufacturers in the world, together with general traffic information.
3.     We will post on website videos about traffic accidents, bad drivers and policemen's activity to sensibilize the public on these issues. We will continue to post movies for different traffic safety campaigns.
4.     We intent to develop a "Kid's Place" on the website, where we will add games and trivia about road safety. We also plan to organize competitions with prizes for kids on traffic safety issues.
5.     We will also hire a professional in road safety to answer to all questions people might have about traffic police and accidents, about how to get a driving licence and how not to lose it, about how to register and unregister a car etc. 



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