European Road Safety Charter

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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

We undertake to raise awareness among young people, providing them with information and training them to drive responsibly so as to reduce the number of people killed and injured on European roads.

To achieve this objective, we have acquired a new awareness tool: the ALCOKART. It is a go-kart that simulates the effects of alcohol/drugs/medicine on driving.

We will focus mainly on young people’s behaviour on the roads. The recreational and learning features of the ALCOKART raise young people’s awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence while they are sober, making sure that they understand and assimilate once and for all the consequences of driving when inebriated. Testing driving under the influence of alcohol is often too dangerous to simulate, but the ALCOKART now makes it possible to experience the dangers of driving under the influence in total safety. Our aim is to help a maximum of associations by offering them this excellent tool in order to carry out effective awareness actions together in as many European countries as possible.

Our objective over the next three years will be to:

  • Conduct a minimum of 60 actions (at least 20 actions per year);
  • Enable at least 10,000 people to try out the ALCOKART;
  • Disseminate our awareness message (visibility, communication/media, word of mouth) among at least 500,000 people;
  • Be present in 15 European countries;
  • Collaborate with at least one association per country.
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