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capacity building and training

capacity building and training

Concursul de educatie rutierea ,, Memorialul Matei Virgil,, Suncuius, Bihor are ca scop asimilarea cunostiintelor de educatie rutiera si formarea unui comportament responsabil in trafic pentru prevenirea accidentelor de circulatie, perfectionarea unor deprinderi de comportare civilizata pe strada , adoptarea unei conduite preventive pentru diminiuare numarului de accidente rutiere in care sunt impilicati elevii si adultii.

El Ayuntamiento de San Fulgencio ha convocado recientemente el primer concurso de habilidades con el tractor. Se trata de un evento donde varios participantes demostraron su destreza al volante, entre las que se incluyen aspectos relacionados con la seguridad vial, conducción segura y eficiente. Dos empleados de nuestra empresa AGROPACO ganaron el certamen.

This is a school plan that will help 1st - 3rd grade pupils learn about road safety and understand their responsibilities as pedestrians and passengers. The goal is to develop attitudes and skills and the culture of road safety awareness leading to the desired behavior. Moreover, pupils can learn how to prevent accidents and avoid behaviors that lead to accidents.

The students from the middle school were involved in an essay-writing contest. The theme of the essay was "Road safety". This competition was the result of our school's collaboration with The Romanian Association for Promoting Road Safety and Education. The winners of the competition received books and the possibility of sitting a Cambridge English exam. The certificates received by the winners can be seen in the attachment.

27. January 2016

El colegio María Inmaculada de Verín, ubicado en el Ayuntamiento de Verín(Ourense), España, es un centro escolar en el cúal se trabajan las etapas educativas de Educación Infantil, Educación Primaria y ESO, que cuenta con 545 alumnos desde los 3 años hasta los 16 años.

Tenemos dos lineas educativas distribuídas en las tres etapas educativas desde 3º de Infantil hasta 4º de ESO.

EDUCACIÓN INFANTIL: AULAS ABIERTAS (GRUPO DE ALUMNOS HETEROGÉNEOS DE 3, 4 Y 5 AÑOS) Programación del curso 2015/16 O B J E T I V O S: Valorar las normas elementales de seguridad vial y usarlas correctamente. Conocimiento de las señales de tráfico y otras normas básicas de circulación. Fomentar hábitos de comportamiento correctos como peatones en zonas urbanas y en carreteras. Fomentar hábitos correctos de seguridad como pasajeros en todo tipo de transportes. Fomentar hábitos correctos de seguridad y desarrollar la responsabilidad como conductores de bicicletas, patines, patinetes, etc.

26. January 2016 to 26. January 2017
Colegio Sto. Tomás - Avilés

Our school has been setting this emphasis on Road Safety Education since the school year 2010-11 in cooperation with a private organization, the CNP ASFALISTIKH, which, with the approval of the Elementary Education Director, is the sponsor of the school’s action plan for road safety for all these years.

Many schools experience chaotic traffic scenes at the beginning and end of the school day. As a school, we alongside The City of Edinburgh Council, took decision to limit traffic in the street directly outside the school at key times, meaning that parents would not be able to park right at the gates to drop off. Our aim is always to create a safer, more pleasant environment.

Le collège Marc Seignobos est situé à Chabeuil, en Drôme. Cette année, le département de la Drôme est lourdement affecté par l’insécurité routière. Depuis janvier 2015, 40 personnes ont trouvé la mort. 10 morts, soit 1 sur 4, avaient entre 18 et 24 ans. Plusieurs dizaines de personnes resteront lourdement handicapées, En tant qu’établissement scolaire, avec plus de 840 élèves agés de 11 à 15 ans, nous avons la responsabilité de sensibiliser les jeunes aux risques routiers.

Les chiffres de la sécurité routière en France sont catastrophique d’années en années, et dans notre département du Gard en particulier. Un apprentissage dès le plus jeune âge  des bons comprotements à avoir en tant que piéton, cycliste, passager, usager des transports en commun nous semble indispensable afin des faire évoluer ces indicateurs de manière significative.


According to The World Health Organization in the year of 2013, 186,300 pupils under eighteen die on the world’s roads almost every year and road accidents are amongst the top five causes of death for kids over five and the primary cause between the 15 – 17 year olds. Car passengers and pedestrians report roughly three quarters of road deaths amid the youngsters, while girls are twice less likely to die on the roads in comparison with the boys.

La nostra Associazione si occupa di sensibilizzazione e prevenzione stradale, primo soccorso e scuola di vita. Il nostro target sono gli asili, le scuole primarie, secondarie, superiori e tutte quelle persone che si mettono in strada.

Miguel de Cervantes Public Primary School is located in the La Calzada district of the city of Gijón. The learning community is comprised of working class families with a high unemployment rate, pupils of different ethnic groups and nationalities and teachers involved in and committed to this educational activity. The school is the final destination of the majority.

Our school materializes a programme about safe cycling. The goals of the project are the students to learn about the safety use of bicycles and the benefits of cycling. Especially, the goals of the project are: 1. To prompt and encourage the students in expanding the use of bicycles. 2. To sensitive the students, their families and the local community to use the bicycles for their transportation. 3. To learn the right behavior on the road, as cycling drivers 4. To act as energetic, responsible citizens for their environment 5. The students to learn search and produce new ideas 6.

Con esta campaña se conciencia al ciudadano. Un dron no es un juguete. Es una aeronave. Probablemente, más de una persona ha recibido uno de estos artefactos de Papá Noel o los Reyes. Si es así, con nuestro flyer podrá aprender a utilizarlo sin generar riesgos para la seguridad vial ni correr el peligro de ser multado.

9. June 2016 to 11. June 2016
Torre del Mar

In S1-S3 we introduce all the Physics of Mechanics and Dynamics through a Road Safety theme. We teach speed, velocity, distance, displacement, stopping, braking and thinking distances through a game called Chicken Run where students have to predict the stopping distances of a car under various conditions and speeds. In S3 students use the knowledge they've gained to complete a simulated Road Crash that was put together by Police Scotland (Dumfries and Galloway).

School no 51, District 2, Bucharest, is a public primary and lower-secondary school whose mission is to offer education based on three dimensions – formal, informal and inclusive education and which aims at having a graduate with complex education and instruction, a capacity of attending further education, flexibility and adaptation to the changes imposed by a dynamic, European society. School no 51has been developing a partnership with a duration of 2 years with the Local Police and the Association of Road Traffic Victims – Romania (AVAC), starting with the 2014/2015 school year.

29. November 2015

For four years our school has been organizing a preventive campaign called “An Apple or a Lemon”. Pupils from grades 4 and 5 under the supervision of teachers and police officers from the Traffic Department in Dąbrowa Tarnowska took part in this event. The main goal of this action was paying drivers’ attention to obeying traffic regulations and reminding them that they may increase the level of safety on the roads. Police officers together with pupils stopped cars, checked drivers’ papers and sobriety to make sure that they drove safely.

It is a tradition in our school that first-graders take “The Exemplary Pedestrian Exam” in September. This year 115 pupils took this exam. Policemen, who had been invited to this event, instructed children how to get from their houses to school and from school to their houses safely. Moreover, they paid pupils’ attention to the importance of wearing reflective clothing or using reflective materials, for example armbands or waistcoats emphasizing the fact that every pupil should have them.

Este projecto teve o seu inicio em 2014 em parceria com o Núcleo Escola Segura da Guarda Nacional Republicana. A actividade é desenvolvida nas Escolas do Agrupamento, dividindo-se em duas partes, uma teórica e outra pratica. Na actividade teórica o Guarda Principal Machado aborda em sala os diferentes temas relacionados com a temática onde são visionados filmes educacionais. Na segunda parte da actividade o Guarda Principal Machado monta um circuito rodoviário no exterior da escola onde os alunos vão colocar em pratica os conhecimentos adquiridos na primeira parte.

En el Colegio Público Huerta Major de Alcoy hemos puesto en marcha una campaña de educación vial, con la que buscamos que los alumnos y alumnas cuando acaben su etapa de Infantil y Primaria tengan nociones para actuar tanto como viandantes como conductores, además de enseñar las normas de circulación, señales y mejorar la convivencia ciudadana.

Основите на общата култура и безопасно поведение се поставят още в предучилищна възраст.В детската градина децата се обучават само като пешеходци,придружавани от възрастни,но въпреки това,те са участници в движението и като такива трябва да умеят да се движат и пазят.В ЦДГ"Детелина" гр.Тервел,главна цел на обучението по безопасно движение по пътищата е изграждането на конкретни умения за безопасно движение и поведение по улиците на града.Проведените педагогически ситуации са обвързани с темите "Нашата улица и Улично движение" с основна задача разширяване на представите и затвърдяване на пон

Στα πλαίσια της προσπάθειας για εφαρμογή δράσεων οδικής ασφάλειας στο σχολείο μας, έχουν πραγματοποιηθεί ή βρίσκονται σε εξέλιξη τα πιο κάτω: 1. Διάλεξη από την αστυνομία σε όλο το σχολείο. 2. Κατασκευή πανό από την καθηγήτρια της Τέχνης, Μαλβίνα Μίτλεττον, το οποίο αναρτήθηκε στην κεντρική αυλή του σχολείου 3. Δημιουργία αφισών, οι οποίες αναρτήθηκαν στην αίθουσα Οικιακής Οικονομίας, στην αυλή και στο περιοδικό του σχολείου. 4. Δημιουργία παραμυθιού, το οποίο αναρτήθηκε στο Facebook και στην ιστοσελίδα του μη κερδοσκοπικού οργανισμού Reaction. 5.

La Policía quiere que la ciudadanía disfrute al máximo de su movilidad. Los artefactos de movilidad personal son, en este sentido, magníficas opciones. Y estupendos regalos navideños!... Pero todo en la vía pública tiene sus limitaciones, marcadas en mayúscula con la palabra SEGURIDAD y el adjetivo CÍVICA. El folleto que ha preparado Educación Vial pretende concienciar a todo el mundo al respecto, vertiendo normas, consejos, confidencias... para circular con la misma libertad que debemos reconocer a quienes nos rodean.

Sólo un 21% de la ciudadanía tiene un contacto directo con un policía en un año y, encima, en el 40% de los casos en que esto se produce, es por una infracción o un control de tráfico ... Pero todo cambia en Navidad. Muchos más controles de alcoholemia. Muchas más probabilidades de ser parado. Muchas más ocasiones para dar positivo. Muchas más vías para ver arruinadas las fiestas... Por eso, la Policía de Sant Boi ha preparado un díptico informando a la ciudadanía de sus derechos, sus deberes... y sus alternativas. Nadie pide una abstinencia eremitíca.

22. November 2015
Biblioteca de Roquetas de Mar


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