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create awareness

The aim of the IMPACT (Involvement and Motivation for Participation of Active young Citizens to stand for Traffic safety) project is to boost international efforts to save young lives on the road by exchanging information and sharing good practices, providing a platform for long-term targeted impact through a list of exceptional players in the road safety and accident prevention field from Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Reaction Cyprus has set up a mobile alcotest unit in 2014 that has performed several actions since then. The last actions were 4 events during the second half of 2016 and the 1st quarter of 2017. The main idea of the action is to give the opportunity to citizens coming our of specific bars, clubs, restaurants etc to take a voluntary alcohol breath test in order for them to know the level of alcohol in their blood. The overall goal of the action is to raise awareness and inform the public of the dangers of combining alcohol and driving.

1. January 2014 to 31. December 2016
Bars, clubs, concerts, restaurants

Training riders in advanced motor cycle Roadcraft control and riding skills to make people better riders.

11. September 2017 to 13. September 2017
Hotel Tylösand - Tylöhusvägen 28 302 73
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29. March 2017
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The 2016 road safety statistics released by the Commission on the 28 March 2017 at the Road Safety conference in Malta show a drop of 2% in the number of fatalities recorded across the EU last year. 25,500 people lost their lives on EU roads in 2016, 600 fewer than in 2015 and 6,000 fewer than in 2010. A further 135,000 people were seriously injured on the road according to Commission's estimates.

Following two years of stagnation, 2016 marks the return of a positive downwards trend and over the last six years, road fatalities have been cut by 19%. While this pace is encouraging, it may nevertheless be insufficient if the EU is to meet its target of halving road fatalities between 2010 and 2020. This calls for further efforts from all actors and particularly from the national and local authorities, which deliver most of the day-to-day actions, such as enforcement and awareness-raising.

During the conference Transport Ministers of the Member States of the European Union reconfirmed their commitment to improving road safety by endorsing the Valletta Declaration on Road Safety. With this declaration, Transport Ministers have agreed to continue to reinforce measures necessary to reduce the number of road deaths in the the UE by 2020 from the 2010 basline, and enhance cooperation between Member States—including relevant authorities, civil society, research institutes and the private sector—in particular with regard to road safety plans and strategies following a risk-based or an integrated approach.

You can consult the full text of the Valletta declaration and the preliminary country by country statistics for 2016 in the documents below. All the related documents are available on DG Move website and photos of the event are available here.

14. February 2017
Grădinița Floare de Iris
20. September 2013
Auditorium dell'Istituto Emanuele Morselli di Piano Notaro
2. April 2017

Învățarea regulilor de circulație în localitate, semnificația indicatoarelor rutiere și importanța cunoașterii acestora

30. March 2017
Școala Gimnazială Chiuiești

Claselele a V-a A si a V-a C insotite de doamnele profesoare Adriana Hoaghea si Vasilica Gherghe au participat in Centrul civic al orasului Mioveni la activitati demonstative privind siguranta cetateanului si siguranta rutiera. Copiii au fost pentru cateva minute politisti si au constientizat marea responsabilitate pe care o presupune profesia de politist.

Impreuna cu reprezntantii Politiei Romane si ai PRIMARIEI Mioveni, elevii scolii au paricipat la multe actiuni interactive in care elevii au schimbat rourile cu politistii pentru a invata cum sa interpretezecorect semnele de circulatie. A fost o sesiune aplicativa primita cu interes de copii.

16. March 2017 to 17. March 2017
Sala multimedia
13. March 2017 to 15. March 2017
Incinta școlii

ASSOCIAZIONE DELLE POLIZIE ITALIANE sostiene la formazione, tramite i propri formatori i quali vantano un'esperienza decennale maturata attraverso la formazione di diversi reparti delle forze dell'ordine e di soccorso pubblico. attività scuole La platea è molto variabile, di conseguenza anche il nostro modo di approciarla lo è; le variabili che influenzano il nostro modo d’impostare gli incontri, sono il ceto sociale e culturale, l’età anagrafica e il numero degli ascoltatori.

Activitatea s-a desfasurat in curtea Scolii "Mihai Viteazul" Targoviste. Elevii claselor a III-a D, a IV-a B si C, au realizat trasee rutiere, avand ca scop consolidarea principalelor reguli de circulatie pe drumurile publice. Prin desenele realizate pe asfalt, elevii au demonstrat o buna cunoastere a regulilor de circulatie, a rolului indicatoarelor rutiere. Creativitatea lor s-a manifestat prin intermediul jocurilor de rol, puse in practica cu ajutorul imaginilor realizate. Coordonatorii activitatii: prof. Liciu Liliana, Andreescu Catalina, Nicolae Andra.

Activitate de informare privind semnificatia indicatoarelor rutiere si importanta cunoasterii acestora. Actiunea a avut loc in parteneriat cu Politia Targoviste. Au participat elevii de la clasele a II-aA, B, C, D, IIIC coordonati de cadrele didactice Stoia Mariana, Tudor Gabriela, Cojocaru Nadina, Pintoiu Stefania si Voicu Alexandra. Elevii au confectionat indicatoarele rutiere si au invatat semnificatia lor, au dezbatut probleme legate de siguranta lor pe drumul spre scoala.

25. February 2017 to 28. February 2017
Sala multimedia, Oraș
19. February 2017 to 22. February 2017
Sala multimedia
29. March 2017 to 30. September 2017
sectia de politie
11. March 2017
Clubul Copiilor Breaza-Structura a Palatului Copiilor Ploiesti
30. March 2017 to 30. March 2018
Ayuntamiento de Écija

Activități de informare a preșcolarilor, a elevilor și a cetățenilor din comună, privind regulile de circulație, întâlnire cu polițistul care i-a informat despre importanța respectării codului rutier.

Our activity aims to bring into the market a revolutionary product, easy to use and maintain, which enhance driving safety in the case of health conditions that are manifested by losing consciousness during driving, regardless of age and that may endanger his and other driver’s lives. We aims to satisfy the current needs of people, identified through a market research, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The cardiovascular diseases represent the leading cause of death in the world and accidents caused by drivers with such disorders very serious.

The overall goal behind it is to make roads safer than ever before. TankTaler brings eCall and Driving Score to almost every car. Whenever a driver is involved in an accident, an ambulance will be sent to the accident location. Driving Score is an incentive for drivers, sponsored by insurances to foster anticipatory driving. Users collect TankTaler when avoiding hard accelerations/ breakings.

In Greece drunk driving is among the prevailing causes for a significant number of road accidents making the need for mentality change regarding drunk driving imperative. In this context, Diageo is actively working to have an active role and contribution in this mentality change that has gradually started taking place. To this end it has designed and implements a holistic program about promoting responsible drinking attitudes and preventing drunk driving.

29. April 2017
26. May 2017 to 27. May 2017
Biblioteca Pública Municipal
27. April 2017 to 28. April 2017
Circus Theater of Puente Genil


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