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Образование в учебно заведение или обществена организация

Образование в учебно заведение или обществена организация

As the school started its new education period, a seminar was organized by Traffic Police Department for all primary school teachers in our school. A detailed training was provided by a group of Traffic Police officers from Denizli Traffic Police Department on how to share updates on traffic education in the new year. A total of 40 teachers participated in this event that representing our school. This activity took place in a total of 5 schools throughout Denizli-Pamukkale county. A total of 200 teachers from 5 schools participated this event.

Road Safety Institute (RSI), as an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of VOGEL- Germany, with the assistance of company Kontrax Ltd., starts for a first time in Bulgaria- Road Safety Weeks. They will happen in Sofia, Varna and Burgas during summer season in order to increase awareness to the driver's education as crucial part of the road safety in Bulgaria. Only by education, change of the environment and prevention we could stop Bulgaria's bad results in traffic deaths and injuries.

Το πρόγραμμα αυτό ήταν μια ευκαιρία να ενημερωθούν οι μαθητές για το πως πρέπει να ποδηλατούν.
Μέσα από ένα διαδραστικό παιχνίδι οι μαθητές <<δίκασαν >> το ποδήλατο παραθέτοντας οι μισοί μαθητές τα προτερήματα και οι άλλοι μισοί τα μειονεκτήματα του ποδηλάτου.

Κύριος σκοπός είναι η υποστήριξη και προώθηση δραστηριοτήτων σε θέματα τα οποία προάγουν την οδική ασφάλεια, την κυκλοφοριακή αγωγή, τη μελέτη, έρευνα, ενημέρωση και εκπαίδευση στοχεύοντας κατ’ εξοχήν στην πρόληψη και μείωση των τροχαίων ατυχημάτων.

Κύριος στόχος είναι η ανάπτυξη ικανοτήτων , δεξιοτήτων στο πως πρέπει οι μαθητές να διασχίζουν το δρόμο και η εκμάθηση των βασικών σημάτων οδικής κυκλοφορίας.

27. October 2018 to 27. May 2019

National Road Safety Olympic Games "Be safe on the road with I&G Brokers" is an pioneered initiative of the Road Safety Institute, jointly organized with I&G Brokers, supported by 4 municipalities- Sofia, Stara Zagora, Pleven and Rousse and Ministry of Education. It happened between 1st of |December 2018 and 30th of April 2019. In its first edition, 4600 students from 64 schools from 3rd and 7th grade participated.

Giannoukas Driving School from Greece, in collaboration with the football team " Ajiax Taurou", organized a seminar with the aim of raising awareness in the field of road safety. The seminar was aimed at high school.
students, who were invited to learn about road safety rules.

- Information and Awareness on road safety
- Safe traveling
- Road behavior and safety-critical ability cultivation on transportation issues
- Lifelong learning about road education issues

The Traffic Safety Association in cooperation with the Faculty of Traffic Sciences
May 15, 2019, starting at 12.00
Expert round table - SECURITY ON 2 WHEELS
Faculty of Traffic Sciences, Zagreb, Vukelićeva 4


Taller informativo de Seguridad Vial Infantil orientado a la seguridad de las embarazadas y a los sistemas de retención infantil , especialmente los sistemas de retención a contramarcha.
Viernes 17 de mayo , 17:00 horas en el Centro Children´s World, Las Palmas de GC.

Que la Seguridad Vial es cosa de todos no es un secreto, empieza en la familia con el ejemplo del día a día. La Seguridad Vial continúa en el colegio como supuesta materia transversal y con la visita de policías locales o agentes que hacen la función de tutores en esta materia. Con un poco de suerte la Seguridad Vial llega de la mano de un camino escolar, jornadas de educación vial…

RiveKids en Aprendemos Jugando
La semana pasada nos poníamos de viaje en dirección Madrid para asistir a la feria Aprendemos Jugando, que tenía lugar en el Museo del Ferrocarril, un lugar emblemático de la capital. En el museo íbamos a pasar unos días enseñando a colegios y familias nociones básicas sobre Seguridad Vial.

En esta aventura no podíamos olvidarnos en Valladolid el #RiveCar, lo llevamos con nosotros para que todos los niños y papis pudieran aprender de una forma práctica y sobre todo, divertida.

La Democratización de la Seguridad, al menos para nosotros, tiene tres pilares fundamentales:

Después de haber impartido educación vial para niños en distintos centros educativos, en eventos infantiles, en ferias de educación, incluso en festivales lúdicos, nos quedamos, para este post, con nuestro paso impartiendo educación vial para niños con el colegio Sagrado Corazón Corazonistas de Valladolid. ¿Por qué este colegio y no otro? Sencillamente porque es el colegio que tenemos al lado de la oficina y nos cruzamos con los padres y alumnos de ese centro cada día.

Las actividades se desarrollaron conjuntamente entre esta Delegación PMSV en Valladolid, Rivekids, y las delegaciones en Valladolid de Stop Accidentes y AVATA.

El público que se acercaba al evento tenía la oportunidad de recibir, directamente en el RiveCar de RiveKids, las indicaciones oportunas sobre la correcta utilización de los SRI (Sistemas de Retención Infantil) así como conocer las ventajas de estos sistemas a contramarcha.

Our school was chosen as a school ambassador and carrier for the Day project without mobile phones. Our students, together with our Police department and interior ministry, warned the public of the danger of using mobile phones in traffic.The project is conceived so that in the first year of campaigning (2017) except the announcement campaign will be announced on October 21st as the Day Without Mobile Phones.
The project has been approved and financially backed by the National Security Program
road traffic of the Republic of Croatia 2011 - 2020, and continues in 2018.

The traffic police students participated in the online High School Contest competition in the knowledge of traffic regulations, which lasted from 1.10.2018 to 30.11.2018. The students completed the tests and learned online through the web application on traffic regulations and had an exam from each lecture.

Un progetto che, in evoluzione di una precedente edizione interna promossa dal 2016 a favore dei figli under 18 degli Associati, si muove nella prospettiva di fornire un più ampio e valido contributo al principio di “responsabilità condivisa” individuato dalla carta europea della sicurezza stradale per assicurare l’incolumità dei cittadini sulle strade.
Basandosi sulla promozione dello sport motociclistico e sull’uso consapevole delle due ruote, l’iniziativa mira a due principali obiettivi: il divertimento e la sicurezza.

ΘΕΜΑ: Οδική Ασφάλεια & Κυκλοφοριακή Αγωγή
Στο πλαίσιο δράσεων της Θεματικής Εβδομάδας Οδικής Ασφάλειας υπό την αιγίδα του Π.Σ.Ε.Ο. παρουσιάσαμε το εκπαιδευτικό πρόγραμμα: "Κοινωνία της Κυκλοφορίας: Διασταυρούμενες Ματιές"

L'Ufficio Educazione Stradale, in previsione del prossimo avvio dell’Anno Scolastico 2018/2019 , ha elaborato alcune proposte formative in materia di Educazione Stradale – Legalità-Sicurezza Urbana.
Di esse è fornita sintesi nelle pagine che seguono, fermo restando che ulteriori informazioni di dettaglio potranno essere richieste rivolgendosi ai contatti telefonici e/o telematici riportati nelle schede di prenotazione relative ai singoli progetti.

Published on  
20. February 2019

On February 6th 2019, several experts explained the importance of road safety education during a webinar. It was the third webinar of the current Charter edition.

The webinar started with a presentation by Ludo Kluppels, traffic psychologist at Vias institute. Ludo touched on three topics: road safety education for children and youngsters, driver education and road safety education in companies. Next, we had the pleasure to work with Jennie Hargreaves, teacher at the Lockerbie Academy in Scotland, on education for children and young adults. In her presentation on ‘The Physics of Road Safety’, Jennie explained some of the various activities in the school's innovative road safety programme. Last but not least there was a presentation by Erik Roelofs, doctor of Philosophy and senior assessment scientist at CITO in The Netherlands. Erik shed a light on research and insights on moral reasoning during driving.

Ο οργανισμός μας σε συνεργασία με την Κοινοφελή Επιχείρηση του Δήμου Ασπροπύργου (ΚΕΔΑ) και μετά από πρωτοβουλία της προέδρου της ΚΕΔΑ κυρίας Σοφίας Μαυρίδη , συνδιοργανώνουμε την εβδομάδα από 18 έως 22 Φεβρουαρίου 2019 , βιωματικά εργαστήρια οδικής ασφάλειας και κυκλοφοριακής αγωγής σε συνάρτηση με τη Βιώσιμη Αστική Κινητικότητα στα 500 μέλη- παιδιά των Κέντρων Δημιουργικής Απασχόλησης του Δήμου Ασπροπύργου. Συγκεκριμένα το εκπαιδευτικό πρόγραμμα αποτελείται σε δύο μέρη το θεωρητικό και το πρακτικό. Το θεωρητικό μέρος αποτελείται από ενημέρωση στα παιδιά σε τρεις υποτομείς .

DFM Rent a Car se ve reflejada en los valores del deporte y es por ello que su apoyo al mismo sea constante. Desde hace años, la empresa de alquiler de vehículos industriales y de ocio apoya y apuesta por el ciclismo, y en esta ocasión ha querido ir un paso más allá. Por ello, ha llegado a un acuerdo con la Fundación Marcelino Oliver para poner su granito de arena en la concienciación y educación vial.

Forma Rescue, in collaboration with the Don Bosco Association and the Regione Emergenza Urgenza of the Sardinia region, organizes a conference dedicated to Safe Driving in Emergency.
L'evento si svolgerà a Nuoro il 1 febbraio 2019.
Il convegno è dedicato ad analizzare l'importanza di un alto livello formativo per i conducenti dei veicoli d'emergenza.

Road safety campaign and social prevention dedicated to the dissemination of good practices to citizens of all ages.

22. December 2018 to 2. January 2019


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