European Road Safety Charter
education in school or in community organizations

education in school or in community organizations

Concursul de educatie rutierea ,, Memorialul Matei Virgil,, Suncuius, Bihor are ca scop asimilarea cunostiintelor de educatie rutiera si formarea unui comportament responsabil in trafic pentru prevenirea accidentelor de circulatie, perfectionarea unor deprinderi de comportare civilizata pe strada , adoptarea unei conduite preventive pentru diminiuare numarului de accidente rutiere in care sunt impilicati elevii si adultii.

01.09.2015r. podczas uroczystości Ślubowania Pierwszoklasistów- 56 uczniów klas I otrzymało worki odblaskowe z rąk przewodniczącej Rady Rodziców pani Justyny Antczak. Pan Wójt Gminy Piątek wraz z przewodniczącą Rady Rodziców i dyrektorem szkoły wręczyli upominki w związku z PASOWANIEM PIERWSZOKLASISTÓW. 15 września 2015r. odbyło się spotkanie z kierownikiem Rewiru Dzielnicowego KPP w Piątku pt. „Bezpieczna droga do i ze szkoły. Odblaskowe Pierwszaki”. Wraz z końcem wakacji do szkoły wrócili również policjanci.

On 27th January 2016 the students from our school took part in an event called „Senior- an example to follow” organized in cultural center Resursa Obywatelska. The were also police officers and many old people from the University of the Third Age. The main aim of this meeting was to show the dangers the older people can meet in traffic. The students presented an artistic program about the traffic rules, crossing the road safely or wearing reflectors. They sang songs and said poems about it.

This is a school plan that will help 1st - 3rd grade pupils learn about road safety and understand their responsibilities as pedestrians and passengers. The goal is to develop attitudes and skills and the culture of road safety awareness leading to the desired behavior. Moreover, pupils can learn how to prevent accidents and avoid behaviors that lead to accidents.

The project is being carried out from 1st September 2015 to 30th May 2016 and it has been partially funded by the Road Safety Partnership whose role is to work for the improvement of road safety and decreasing the number of road crash victims in Poland. The members are the representatives of three sectors of public life – business, government and non-governmental organizations. They work together and contribute to decreasing the number of casualties on Polish roads.

For a few years the School Safety Club has organized a competition called “Win Your Life”. It is held every month and it concerns the promotion of road safety. Each month the subject matter of the competition varies. The last one was to write a rhyme or a poem that could encourage children to use car safety seats until they are 150 cm tall. The prize for the best rhyme or poem was a cycle helmet.

Grade 4 Advanced German Group at H.I.S. is planning an initiative to promote the importance of making yourself visible in traffic. After they researched about the main factors of accidents in Heidelberg 2014 they found out that most of the accidents with bikes and pedestrians involved had to do with the fact that car and bus drivers couldn't see them early enough to prevent an accident. Students then researched about ways to make yourself visible and how to help young children understand that. Now they are working on different ways to promote this.

Desde hace muchos años el Colegio Iale participa en el desarrollo del Programa de Educación Vial que elabora la Policía Local del Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de La Eliana. En el mismo, la Policía Local imparte cinco sesiones destinadas a los alumnos de 3º y 5º de Educación Primaria con el fin de concienciar a los niños de estos niveles en el uso de buenos hábitos destinados a la buena conducción tanto de vehículos (bicicletas) como de personas (viandantes). Durante las sesiones se tratan temas sobre aspectos concretos de la conducción y la seguridad de los peatones.

Each school year begins with special meetings organized for children where policemen come. There pupils improve their knowledge of how to stay safe on the way to school. They also practise their abilities going on short trips to the nearest crossing with their form masters. Furthermore, our school takes part in many competitions organized by the Police and WORD (Voivodeship Training Centre For Drivers) as well as holds several events concerning road safety, in which we engage as many pupils as possible. All that gives children a chance to compete in various means of expression.

The students from the primary school were involved in an activity which was developped in collaboration with The Local Police Department. The students were shown traffic signs for pedestrians and they had a conversation with two pollice officers on how to walk safely to school and what behaviour one should have when using the public transport. Afterwards, the police officers showed them the police car and what functions it has. They also played games like "The littel police officer", "I know how to protect myself" and "Perfect safety".

Preschooler safe on the road


Lublin is a city with a high traffic. Our kindergarten is situated in the city center, near very busy streets and intersections. We want to prepare our preschoolers to move safely in traffic. We want to equip pupils with the skills and knowledge of the consequences of their own actions, sensitize on the need to care for their own safety and the ability to cope with difficult situations.


In developing the action plan we took into account our experience, proven forms of cooperation and childlike understanding working methods.

No sentido de promover e estimular uma cidadania rodoviária ativa, assente no despertar da consciência cívica para as questões de segurança rodoviária, o Agrupamento de Escolas de Reguengos de Monsaraz, tomou como orientação (de per si ou em parceria), a procura de entidades que, de uma forma organizada e profissional ofereçam acções de sensibilização e formação para a problemática, aceitando os respectivos convites de participação, e envolvendo desta forma os seus alunos, professores, pais e encarregados de educação na procura de uma visão de Cidadania Rodoviária Ativa.

Road Safety is invaluable for our school.  We are situated on a main road that leads to a truck stop and access to the motorway.  We work closely with our Council Road Safety officer Marion Shearer who comes in regularly to support any work we are doing.

The students from the middle school were involved in an essay-writing contest. The theme of the essay was "Road safety". This competition was the result of our school's collaboration with The Romanian Association for Promoting Road Safety and Education. The winners of the competition received books and the possibility of sitting a Cambridge English exam. The certificates received by the winners can be seen in the attachment.

In December 2015, the Automobile Club of Moldova representatives in partnership with the National Patrol Inspectorate organized a road safety flash mob dedicated to pedestrians. The special guest of the event was Ms. Ala Zasmenco – a local pop singer who supports and promotes the road safety initiatives in Moldova.The event took place on the Dacia street in Chisinau and was carried out within the Road Safety Prevention Campaign (in partnership with TRACECA Road Safety Project II), funded by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

Elever på 8. årgang, der også fungerer som skolepatrulje, var med til at kortlægge skolens elevers cykelvaner og identificere udfordringer i forbindelse hermed. De påtog sig opgaven med dels at motivere de yngre skolebørn og deres forældre til at cykle til og fra skole, og dels at komme med forslag til at gøre skolevejen mere sikker for de bløde trafikanter. De afholdt således en kampagne og en event, med slogan, uddeling af egenproducerede nøgleringe og konkurrencer der skulle få flere til at cykle til skole. Eleverne udviklede en cykeltræningsbane, hvor 8.

Hemos sido invitados por la Asociación de Personas Sordas de Gran Canaria para dar una charla en su sede el próximo viernes. Como siempre facilitaremos un punto de encuentro con la Seguridad Vial enfocada a toda la familia. Esta charla estará adaptada a la realidad de las personas sordas y será traducida por un interprete de lengua de signos.

Svakodnevno se susrećemo sa stradavanjem mladih u prometu, bilo kao pješaci, vozači bicikla, mopeda, suvozači u automobilu.
Kako smanjiti stradavanje u prometu pitanje je kojim se stalno bavimo. Jedino efikasno rješenje je preventivno djelovati od malih nogu. Baš na taj način se i djeluje u našem gradu Koprivnici. U vrtićima se djeca i roditelji educiraju kako na siguran način sudjelovati u prometu, bilo kao pješaci, suvozači u automobilu ili vozači bicikla.

Aktivně spolupracujeme s Muzeem policie, zúčastňujeme se akcí, pořádaných tímto muzeem, jako je Den dětí, Černé divadlo apod. Od prvních až třetích tříd navštěvují děti divadelní představení Pohádkový semafor a čtvrté a páte třídy Kolo tety Berty a představení Šikana.

Vedeme kroužek Mladých dopravních znalců. S nejlepšími žáky se zúčastňujeme soutěží "Dopravní soutěž mladých cyklistů". V loňském roce jsme vyhráli i v oblastním a krajském kole a tím jsme se dostali až do celostátního finále.

Každoročně naše škola organizuje Cyklohrátky pro mateřské školy, přípravné třídy a žáky 1. až 3. ročníků. Tam si děti mohou vyzkoušet své zručnosti na kole, poskytování první pomoci a jsou obdarovány reflexním panáčkem "Veroňáčkem", který jim radí, jak se mají chovat na chodníku, přecházet přes silnici a jak se mají chovat na kole. Některé děti si Veroňáčka tak oblíbily, že s ním chodí i do školy.

Když nám v zimě napadne sníh, hrajeme si s reflexními prvky, abychom byli pořádně vidět.

Každoročně se zapojujeme do projektu od spolku Auto-Mat a každý žák prvního stupně sbírá zelené kilometry. Akce se koná vždy jeden týden na podzim a jeden týden na jaře. Na podzim v roce 2015 jsme vyhráli první místo - za nejekologičtější cesty do školy.

Dopravnú výchovu a prevenciu pred dopravnou nehodovosťou sme včlenili do výchovno-vzdelávacieho procesu v zmysle Štátneho vzdelávacieho programu ISCED 0 tak, aby s našim Školským vzdelávacím programom ,, Hravo – zdravo s Jankom Hraškom“ tvorili jeden kompaktný celok. Informácie  deťom slúžia na získavanie nových učebných kompetencií v prierezovej téme DOPRAVNÁ VÝCHOVA. Súčasťou sú i projekty ,,Becepáčik“ a ,,Bezpečne na cestách s Jankom- Hraškom “.

27. January 2016

El colegio María Inmaculada de Verín, ubicado en el Ayuntamiento de Verín(Ourense), España, es un centro escolar en el cúal se trabajan las etapas educativas de Educación Infantil, Educación Primaria y ESO, que cuenta con 545 alumnos desde los 3 años hasta los 16 años.

Tenemos dos lineas educativas distribuídas en las tres etapas educativas desde 3º de Infantil hasta 4º de ESO.

EDUCACIÓN INFANTIL: AULAS ABIERTAS (GRUPO DE ALUMNOS HETEROGÉNEOS DE 3, 4 Y 5 AÑOS) Programación del curso 2015/16 O B J E T I V O S: Valorar las normas elementales de seguridad vial y usarlas correctamente. Conocimiento de las señales de tráfico y otras normas básicas de circulación. Fomentar hábitos de comportamiento correctos como peatones en zonas urbanas y en carreteras. Fomentar hábitos correctos de seguridad como pasajeros en todo tipo de transportes. Fomentar hábitos correctos de seguridad y desarrollar la responsabilidad como conductores de bicicletas, patines, patinetes, etc.

26. January 2016 to 26. January 2017
Colegio Sto. Tomás - Avilés

Our school has been setting this emphasis on Road Safety Education since the school year 2010-11 in cooperation with a private organization, the CNP ASFALISTIKH, which, with the approval of the Elementary Education Director, is the sponsor of the school’s action plan for road safety for all these years.

On 7th December 2015 there was a lesson about reflectors for the students from our school. On that day the children brought many different things with reflectors as well as reflective vest. They were amazed how the things shone in the fleshes of cameras.


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