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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 


A- Car safety
We will publish 4 articles per year regarding car safety for in The Touring Explorer Magazine, one of the largest information tools on road safety and other issues in Belgium. As usual, we do reach a huge part of the public (1,5 to 2 millions) by issuing press releases and doing interviews. This communication is planned for the next years for February, May, September and December.
We will organize (in collaboration with our marketing department) an event in September or October 2009 on Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in cars by inviting members to try the system out on a circuit. 20 persons to actively participate, public and press invited to attend.
B- Infrastructure safety
In July 2010 and 2011, we will publish a new report regarding the safety of the Brussels tunnels. This report will evaluate the investments (40 million €) and the refurbishments the Brussels Government did over the last two years based on our former reports.
We are involved in the FIA EuroTest programmes as well. For next year September we'll participate in a test on accidents in roadwork areas. Communication will be done by press release and publication on our website.
In November 2009 and 2010 a new area in Brussels will be tested on the safety of pedestrian crossing. In 2011 other Belgian cities will be tested. Again we will communicate by press release and website. 
All those actions will be each time communicated to the press and published in our magazine that reaches more than 1 million members, and on our website through which we reach a large number of members and non-members (360 000 visitors per month). Approximately 48 articles and press releases will be published. We estimate than our actions will reach 2 to 3 millions persons each time.
Duration of commitment: 2009-2011


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