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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

As a major vehicle manufacturer, Toyota recognises its responsibility for road safety and is working to reduce traffic accidents, deaths and injuries in all the regions in which the company operates. Toyota has a holistic approach to safety demanding close cooperation with all stakeholders. The company believes that its responsibility should be limited not to the development of safe vehicles alone but be expressed by active support for initiatives designed to improve the traffic safety environment, enhance safe driving and increase safety-conscious behaviour by all road users.

From these company-wide general principles, Toyota Motor Europe (‘TME’) has defined a strategy with action-oriented commitments designed to increase road safety in Europe. Once implemented in full, the strategy will have a significant impact not only within the company but also outside it in TME’s relations with civil society.

Our commitment with our employees

  1. TME continuously improves its Hi-Tech courses that increase the technical knowledge of the National Marketing and Sales Companies' technical instructors. The Hi-Tech courses contain specific training about active and passive safety systems in Toyota vehicles, and possible practical tests about their operation and limitations. As such they raise awareness about road safety.

    The instructor certification program is led by TME’s Customer Service Training department giving trainers in the National Marketing and Sales Companies the knowledge and skills to highlight the importance of safety and safety technologies, amongst others, across all brand products to our customers. These Hi-Tech courses are mandatory for affiliated company instructors before training retailer staff.

  2. TME has decided to include in its new Code of Conduct several safety-related principles applying to its 2.676 direct employees in Belgium as from 09/10/2006 and all its 20.000 employees in affiliated companies throughout Europe as from 01/01/2007.

    All TME employees are required formally to commit themselves to act in respect of the letter and spirit of the following principles:

    • Manufacture safe vehicles, related products and services by:
      • Paying close attention to safety in the manufacturing of Toyota vehicles and accessories;
      • Conducting vehicle safety studies that establish appropriate standards for Toyota vehicles;
      • Supporting life-cycle safe functioning of vehicles by employees training on safety;
    • Improve road safety awareness as a whole: as members of a car manufacturing company, all TME employees have a responsibility to set an example in road safety by:
      • Complying with traffic rules and regulations,
      • Driving carefully and with courtesy,
      • Actively promoting road safety.

Towards civil society

  1. TME has decided to increase the budget of the Toyota Fund for Europe from 1M€ to 1.5M€ in order to support projects submitted by NGOs, educational institutions and affiliated companies in the area of environment, technical and vocational education, and road safety. For the fiscal year 2006, five road safety projects have been approved for a total amount of 248.760€. They include:
    • A pan-European awareness campaign about the dangers of driving under the effect of alcohol and drugs, which will last not less than three years. Through project ‘TOP 25’, a kart will simulate impaired driving thereby demonstrating the danger of drink-driving at schools, fairs, and other events with the active involvement of Toyota-affiliated companies and retailers.

      The campaign started in Toulouse and Lyon during France’s Week for Road Safety in October 2006, and is planned to be extended to other European countries.

    • The design of a “ready to roll” model communication campaign on road safety for older people, which will be launched in the UK and other European countries.

      A researcher from The Helen Hamlyn Research Centre of the Royal College of Art in the UK will work for a year from October 1, 2006 to define road safety issues for older pedestrians and drivers in Europe, and design a communication campaign to raise safety awareness specifically for people over 60 years old. The campaign will be exhibited at the Royal College of Art in September 2007 during the London Design Festival.

    A road safety education program for children and drivers in Turkey until 2008, delivered through distribution of educational kits, building of a traffic park and establishment of driving lessons, that will involve nationwide Turkish Toyota retailers and target about 60.000 primary school students. TME will use the program results to improve other safety projects in the European Union.

  2. TME has decided to increase safety awareness among its affiliated companies by giving them the opportunity to raise their safety and road safety consciousness with their customers and national authorities.

    Through the European Transport Safety Council’s Performance Index PIN Program assessing Member States’ performance on road safety across Europe, and more specifically through at least five high-level debates per year, TME affiliates will promote the use of the latest safety technologies.

    • Delivering a technical presentation on safety;
    • Distributing TME’s safety brochure, of which 10,000 copies in the major European languages have been printed;
    • Inviting an audience of high-level decision-makers and journalists;
    • Designing and displaying panels explaining safety technologies at the debates;
    • Developing safety pages on their websites.

    At least five high-level debates will take place in the first year of the programme.

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