European Road Safety Charter


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Our future actions for the next three years include:

1. Yearly campaign actions for tor safety of the bicycle
In October every year we are going to organize campaign “Light”. The campaign includes gathering of cyclists, who will be cycling in the centre of Sofia with many lights on their bicycles. The aim will be to raise awareness of the importance of having front and back light on the bicycle; reflecting lights on the tires of the bicycle; appropriate reflecting elements placed on the clothes. The special accent will be on the importance of all those lights in the winter season when the visibility on the road is lower. The campaign will be widely broadcasted by media in order to reach bigger public.
2. Bicycle Trainings
Organizing velo-trainings for students and professors of universities on the territory of the University Campus in Sofia. On those training we will demonstrate the safest ways to cycle and the best routes for cyclists. We are planning of expanding those trainings to the 12 schools which have appropriate cycling grounds in their school yards.
3. Cycling map of Sofia - project 2010-2013
Developing and working on an interactive cycling map of the city together with the Centre for Urban Mobility. The map will demonstrate the safest and fastest velo-alleys and routes to reach the centre of Sofia from different points of the city. There will be special red marks on the places which are highly dangerous for cycling and often cause accidents.
4. Media campaigns
In order to spread information for the safety of cyclists on the road, the association will be broadcasting radio jingles, placing banners on partners´ websites and collaborating in the show “Green Light” of the Bulgarian National TV. All of those media actions will emphasise the safety of cyclists and will appeal for greater attention and tolerance of the vehicle drivers for bicycles on the street.

Every process will be planned in accordance with international examples and good practices and will be applied in detail for the local problems. The active members of the Association will be entitled of the current actions. All other members and volunteers of the association will be entitled of the campaigns and events.


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