European Road Safety Charter

Volontari d'Europa

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
Over the course of the next three years, we undertake to promote and encourage the dissemination of a climate of propriety, solidarity and assistance among all users of roads and means of communication in order to prevent accidents and promote peaceful coexistence on the roads. More specifically, we will undertake to carry out the following:
- Road safety education through multiple services
Through environmental and civil protection services, we will attempt to convey a climate of propriety through good behaviour and through our prevention activities, and subsequently through the distribution of flyers promoting the proper conduct necessary to prevent accidents and promote road safety. These services will be carried out on a weekly basis.
- Focus meetings
Themed evenings organised in the various provincial municipalities with the participation of police representatives, held by our volunteers or road accident victims, who will talk about their experiences with representatives from the sector and police officers. At least six annual meetings can be arranged.
- Public events
Events on the occasion of public festivities, fairs and meetings, at which we will set up an association stand or combine forces with the provincial road safety office to provide free use of a blood alcohol test for people on site.
Furthermore, we will raise awareness among the participants through road safety games and films illustrating the effects of the incorrect use of seatbelts, failure to use helmets and use of mobile phones when driving. We plan to participate in at least eight to ten events per year.
- Promotion of first aid courses
First aid courses aimed primarily at the volunteers and members of the association, although open to everybody. Subject to demand, at least one course can be organised annually, comprising ten three-hour lessons given by Italian Red Cross monitors, medical professionals or representatives of other health associations in the sector qualified to issue certificates of attendance.
The association also participates in road safety events or meetings held by third parties, provincial volunteer meetings, civil protection meetings, and road safety theatre activities, whether or not these have been programmed in advance. Furthermore, it features on the state police intranet site and distributes road safety material to municipalities and driving schools.
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