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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

For the following three years and as part of its commitment to the European Road Safety Charter Volvo Bulgaria EOOD will carry out a series of communication activities in national media and social networks.

A Number of events with focus on specific issues with the participation of key partners from government institutions (Traffic Police Department, Ministry of Transport, Executive Agency Automobile Administration, Bulgarian Association of the Insured and Injured in Road Accidents, Bulgarian Union of freight carriers, Bulgarian Association of Road Transport Unions, etc.), industry organizations and public opinion leaders will be launched. Until now more than 20 national and private institutions are involved in the campaign.

Volvo Bulgaria EOOD has published more than 200 leaflets about the campaign and will continue to publish them in national and specialized media.

Communication with audiences will be supported by educative radio spots that call for mutual respect on the road. Information about best tips for driving will also be distributed through social networks (300 members of the campaign facebook page by now) and a leaflet based on advices for drivers of both cars and trucks.

The ideas of the campaign will be distributed with two kinds of stickers “I am tolerant. Are you?”. Ones are designed for cars and the others are designed for trucks. 50 000 out of 100 000 stickers will be distributed by media and partners to the drivers.


charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Road safety is one of the company core values.

Truck safety and driver security are two of most important health issues today. A call for road safety, vehicle safety and safer behaviour in traffic has been heard, but these changes need to be taken together; no one company or authority can accomplish them alone. Our trucks safety is of utmost concern to us, but we also work with our customers and authorities to take a greater responsibility for road safety.Therefore,we focus on raising the knowledge and respect among the truck drivers and the car drivers, as well as all other participants in the traffic.

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110000 stickers and 1000 booklets
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