European Road Safety Charter

Wyless Group

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Wyless will develop and implement technological advances within its unique mobile data managed network that will have a direct impact on saving lives by contributing to the prevention of road traffic accidents and reducing the consequences of road traffic accidents. Initially, this will be in two areas:

  1. Heavy Goods Vehicles.
    • The drivers’ working conditions will be improved by reducing the amount of interaction needed between drivers and their control centres. This will be achieved by a more automatic information flow between the drivers and their control centre.
    • The drivers’ working hours will be more rigorously monitored and controlled. This will be achieved by having an engine-locking device that can be enabled by a code unique to the driver that must be entered when the driver wants to restart the vehicle after a rest stop.

    We will have 50 vehicles equipped by March 2006.

  2. Emergency Vehicles response
    • Improve the patient information flow between the ambulance and the hospital.
    • Ensure that the patient information reaches the hospital in a clear and readable form for the doctor before the ambulance arrives.

Both of these actions will be achieved by having equipment in the ambulance that will automatically send the patient information to the hospital. We will have 100 ambulances and 10 hospitals equipped by December 2005.

Furthermore, Wyless is committed to promoting the goals of the ERSC through its sales people in the UK and Scandinavia to pass the message on to its partners and customers, to encourage them to commit to the goals of The European Road Safety Charter.

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