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We will commit to the European Road Safety Charter in 2010-2013 by organising the following activities:
1. We aim to help young people to broaden their mind about how to drive safely and give them the opportunity to take part of interesting seminars as "Driving and alcohol", "Driving and mobile phone". The seminars are organised 3-4 times a year. Anyone who has driving license and wants to participate is welcome. We expect each seminar to have about 300 visitors.
2. We will visit 7-10 school groups, of children from 8-18 years old. We think it is important to start the road safety education at early age. Children learn about road safety by watching others, so we must make sure we are showing good example. During the visits we will combine theory and practise. The children will complete a theoretical test about traffic rules and learn safe driving with driving simulators.
3. The young drivers don't pay enough attention when they drive and the major cause of car crashes is high speed. We will therefore organise different road safety activities every three months to help young people to develop knowledge and skills related to perception and management of risk. We will try to show how these skills and abilities contribute to safe and responsible driving. During the activities we use our driving simulators and write down the reactions of young people about dangerous situations so that they can be reflected together. All driving school students and anyone who has a driving license can participate in the activities.
4. We also educate professional drivers. The courses are organised once a month and they focus on how to improve the driving skills, how to take better care of yourself to avoid dangerous situations and how to respect others on the road.
During our regular activities we also teach our students and young drivers how to respect the environment as it relates to safety and economical benefit.



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