European Road Safety Charter

ACS Air Courier Services (Cyprus) Ltd.

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

ACS Courier (Cyprus) Ltd commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the next three years as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. The company commits to the following actions:

1. We will train all of our couriers/drivers on road safety issues. ACS will educate and sensitize all couriers/drivers with in-house programs and brochures. Each year the company will run a continuous training for the new and existing staff, under the heading "Road Safety". Training sessions will focus around correct driving behaviour.
2. We want to educate all of our drivers in maintaining and checking their vehicles so that their vehicles are always in the best working condition. The drivers will be able after the training to perform basic security checks of the vehicle before they begin their working day. An example of such a check will be checking the tyres and engine temperature.
3. We will create a Fleet Manager position that will deal with the following tasks:
          * Monthly inspections of vehicles by drivers
          * Evaluation of the vehicles and planning immediate future needs.
          * Presentation of solutions and measures for proper maintenance and planning vehicle repair and replacement
          * Accident record keeping for all vehicles
4. Each year, ACS will give incentives and rewards to the 2 best drivers based on the following:
          * Minimum road accidents,
          * Fewer customer complaints,
          * Minimum traffic violations,
          * Proper vehicle maintenance.
5. In addition, we will place at the back of each vehicle, a sticker with the note ‘Am I driving properly?’’, and a phone number for any comments on the employees road behaviour.
6. Every year ACS will organize a workshop on Road Safety at the Road Education Park and the families of all the ACS employees will be invited to it. The park is designed to serve both theoretical and practical needs of road safety seminars. The aim of these seminars will be to enlighten all families and particularly young members to develop and improve their road habits.



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