European Road Safety Charter

Agia Napa Municipality

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The Municipality of Agia Napa, aims to reduce accidents through the European Road Safety Charter, by adopting the following measures for the next three years:

1. Organization of informational events, aiming to raise awareness on road safety issues and to provide guidelines for the correct and safe usage of our roads. Since statistically most of the casualties involve young men, the seminars can take place in schools and army camps in the Famagusta province. The events could include a road safety fair aimed at younger children.

2. Distribution of informative leaflets for our visitors in several different languages, trying to inform them about the specifications on driving in Cyprus and the regional road characteristics. We will make sure there is information and maps available for all our visitors.

3. Better road signage of our area, and upgrade the existing roads. We will evaluate the current road signage and make the necessary improvements where needed.

4. We will take special care in expanding and improving our bicycle roads, so cyclists can move around the municipality safely.

5. We will work towards the elimination of High-risk accident sites (black spots). In order to do this we will proceed to Infrastructure interventions: improvement of lighting and the internal road network.

6. Municipal traffic wardens will focus on illegal parking, in order to improve the pedestrian's safety.


charter your road saftey problem(s) 

Our municipality needs to act on road safety issues because the life and health of all the people living here need to be protected. Other than that, with our area being a very important tourist resort, obtaining higher safety levels will make Agia Napa a safer and more attractive holiday destination.
According to statistics provided by the Cyprus Police, High Risk groups include young male drivers, foreign citizens and motorcyclists.  The main causes of accidents are drink-driving, speeding and the misuse of seatbelts and crash helmets. In the Famagusta district the road accident death toll went up by 60% in the year 2010. It is noted that 33% of the people killed were foreign citizens. It is also remarkable that 22% of the motorcyclists checked last year were not wearing crash helmets.

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