European Road Safety Charter

AIESEC Jyväskylä ry

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
As part of our participation in the European road Safety Charter in 2010-2012, we will shoot and distribute a video of "How to ride a bike". The persons in charge will be the three members of the executive board of AIESEC Jyväskylä ry.
The video will guide young people to use safety equipment while driving a bike; helmet, lights etc. and to drive safely according to the rules.
The video will be delivered to all the local committees of AIESEC in Finland, and we hope to establish a co-operation with Erasmus Student Network, so that they would show it for exchange students. The video will be published also on YouTube.
We hope the distribution of the video to reach many young people, to increase the use of helmets and bike lights and to reduce the number of bicycle accidents.


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