European Road Safety Charter

Arval Brasil Ltda

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In the framework of our commitment to the European Road Safety Charter during the next three years Arval Brasil will carry out the following activities:

1. To train our employees with the aim of improving their driving skills and to encourage and follow their improvement thanks to analysis sent to them on a quarterly basis.

2. To organize a Training Safety Driver for our clients (combining theoretical and hands-on driving training): safe and efficient driving course based on 4 main principles: prevention, defense, economic and respectful driving in collaboration with specialized driving school.

3. To incorporate in all our communication to our clients the importance of driver behavior and responsible driving. The communication will be done via e-mailings, quarterly e-newsletters to the clients and corporate identity material to incorporate safe driving advice.

4. To continue to improve drivers' awareness of road safety by publishing various articles on our website The articles to be focused on topics such as: seasonal driving safety tips, how to prepare car for winter / summer season, importance of checking tyres etc.

5. We will launch new tool to help fleet managers to control behavior of their drivers. The new tool is based on telematic principle. The system collects data on fuel consumption and mileage but also alerts the driver about the need for a regular service, or the possible failure of the vehicle.



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The company has more than 10,000 cars on the road and needs to orientate their drivers in order to develop their own safety behavior and reasonable attitudes towards other drivers.
Accidents and fines are the main problems. However Arval is also worried about the environment, because of carbon emissions.
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