European Road Safety Charter

Arval India

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Arval India commits to the European Road Safety Charter for the coming three years with actions focused on the following two areas:

User behavior

1. We will promote road safety tips: in the car user manual guide (seatbelt, alcohol, low gear…), through mailing campaigns at critical times (monsoon for example), on company website in English, give cd “Drive for life” to prospects & clients
2. We will alert people on the risks of calling while driving
3. We will look for partnerships with car safety training agencies for drivers

Vehicle safety

1. We will encourage Arval Sales Managers to advise Prospects & Clients on more safety for the features of their new car (ABS, airbags…)
2. We will track regular checkup & maintenance of the fleet and send reminders to the clients to service their cars.
3. After each vehicle check-up (maintenance & repair) we will ensure each workshop has filled a safety form and put it in the car.



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