European Road Safety Charter

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For the coming three year and as part of its commitment to the European Road Safety Charter, Arval Russia will be undertaking the following activities:

1. Eco and Safety driver training for our employees and our customers in cooperation with “Active-Safety” a company – provider of various types of safety and eco driving courses depending on their client’s needs. “Active- Safety” is located in Moscow, but they have wide regional coverage (whole territory of Russia) and they are able to provide training as at customer place as well as at their place. These trainings will be taking place on a regular basis throughout the coming years.

2. We will promote the CVO (Corporate Vehicle Observatory) to the Russian market with further coverage of road safety issues. We plan to continue issuing the CVO brochures covering Road Safety topics and hold round table between key road safety personalities to see ways of improving road safety at work. Events dedicated to Road Safety will also be organized within the coming three years.

3. We will produce brochures and leaflets dedicated to driver behavior. These will focus on the most commonly observed risk factors and the ways of tackling them by giving advice to the reader. This material will be distributed at our events and to our customers.

4. Create a road safety section on . Apart from advice and tips this sections will also have a link to the European Road Safety Charter Webpage.


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