European Road Safety Charter

Arval Turkey

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

As TEB Arval our commitment for the next 3 years for European Safety Road is to contribute to preventing road traffic accidents by pursuing high-quality actions in one or more of the following areas:
- Initial and continuous driving training and information,
- advice right motor vehicle and ergonomics to our customers

1- We have launched and will continue to develop the “Eco and Safety Driving” Training. For this we have signed an agreement with an expert company.

2- We will give trainings to our customers who sign a new contract with us and also propose it to the old customers who are driving TEB Arval cars.

3- We will increase road safety awareness and enlarge the attendance rate of those trainings with distributing leaflets and publishing in our website.

4- We will also inform our partners and prospective customers with e-mails with road safety related messages.

5- We will apply a banner under our e-signatures related to road safety.

6- In the 3rd CVO (Commercial Vehicle Operations) questionnaire we will include Eco and road safety related questions. We will include the subject of safe driving in our presentations to our employees.

7- Internally, the sales and marketing team will also take actions to increase awareness on road safety related topics.


Your knowledge 

In Turkey driver faults are 93% in the accidents. Accidents average increase is around 13.5% and in 2010 more than 1.1 million accidents have been occured.

We need to follow up and report accidents and the death and injuries rates. And also we need to monitor the risky behaviours of drivers and follow up over time the accidentology of our vehicles.

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Autodrom - Training Company

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