European Road Safety Charter


What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Our commitment is national and international: we aim to cooperate to achieve the proposed objective of halving traffic accidents by 2010. With this in mind, Asovictra will contact institutions and organisations that have signed the European Road Safety Charter in order to exchange ideas and share good practices.

  1. In order to improve and expand our overall assistance system, we launched our website in March 2007, in which we will publish articles on prevention and road safety, defensive driving techniques, complaints, vehicle safety systems, legal and psychological information to assist the victims of road accidents and crime, and real-life accounts, among other things.

    We will contribute to an increased understanding of the causes, circumstances and consequences of accidents in order to extract the relevant knowledge and thus avoid repetition.

  2. We will give courses, talks, workshops and seminars, free of charge, in all regions of Venezuela, particularly to civil servants, public and private transport companies, schoolchildren, university students and others.

    The courses will deal with the following topics:

    • Criminal and administrative responsibility of the person causing a road accident.
    • Clarification of the laws on land transport.
    • Victims of traffic accidents or crime, road education (traffic signals, speed limits, road conduct ethics, driver-user human relations).

    We aim to offer 300 courses annually and inform, prepare and raise awareness among a total of 13,000 people.

  3. We will record educational videos related to road safety, including the following: “The diary of a child pedestrian”, “The street under a magnifying glass”, “Pedestrian errors”. We will publish them on the website, so that those interested can use them and disseminate them in their respective countries in order to achieve their own objectives.
  4. To give our actions an international and European dimension:
    • We will publish the contents of our website in Spanish and English.
    • We will expand our education and victim services programmes by sharing our experiences with European associations, which we will contact through the Internet. We will contact those institutions and organisations that have signed the European Road Safety Charter to exchange good practices.
    • European Road Safety Charter signatories (be they institutions, organisations or other) may request our educational videos by e-mail.
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