European Road Safety Charter

Associazione Italiana Giovani Vittime della Strada - AIGVS

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
The Associazione Italiana Giovani Vittime della Strada [Italian non-profit association for young road accident victims], together with municipal institutions, police authorities and schools, will organise, over the next three years and on a non-profit basis, road safety projects in primary and secondary schools, training courses for teachers and others, and training courses to enable citizens to improve their driving skills. The aim is to involve approximately 3,000 young people on an annual basis in all of the actions carried out in the region.
The following projects in particular will be carried out:
1) FOR PUPILS: training courses in primary and secondary schools (for 7- to 20-year-olds) in the province of Modena through class-based sessions with road safety experts and psychologists from the association. The following topics will be dealt with: the risk of motorcycle accidents among adolescents; the risk of car accidents among young people; risk perception and risk behaviours; accidents and adolescence, violation of the Highway Code and personal accounts.
2) SALVIAMONE ALMENO UNO [Save at least one]: targeting young people, cyclists and pedestrians. Training meetings and distribution of information on the behaviour to adopt on the road, for citizens of all ages.
3) GUIDA SICURA IMPARIAMO A GUIDARE [Safe driving; let’s learn to drive]: a project involving the presence of driving experts to promote safe driving, carried out on specially adapted circuits set up in various squares or other public areas for young people and citizens.
4) TRAINING COURSE ON RESPECTING THE RULES: aimed at all AIGVS members, primary and secondary school teachers and society as a whole. Approximately 200 people will be involved. The courses will take place through one-day seminars with experts from local and provincial police authorities.
5) ROAD CONDITIONS AND SIGNS: a project that seeks to set up life-size silhouettes to highlight those areas in which fatal accidents have occurred and thus raise greater awareness of danger.
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