European Road Safety Charter

Associazione LA STRADA

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La Strada has committed to the following in the field of road user behaviour:
- Setting up a Safe Mobility School in Varese to target pupils from all kinds of schools in the province.
- Creating a travelling safe mobility education park.  
The main aim of the initiative is to maximise the promotion, development and dissemination of personal values of responsibility, awareness and safety on the road. These objectives will be monitored in-house through various levels of enquiry, and every single initiative will be assessed externally on the basis of quantitative and qualitative indicators. In terms of organisational strategy, the intervention will take the form of a genuine awareness campaign focusing on the creation of a new road safety culture.
The educational activity will be developed on two levels:
1.         Theoretical: pupils will be encouraged to resolve problematic situations that might arise in urban traffic through critical and creative thinking, in order to develop logic skills and promote, primarily among young people, positive behavioural and values-based change.
2.         Practical: emphasis will be placed on increasing the level of preparation of users through the development of cognitive skills, selective attention and recognition of proprioceptive stimuli, in terms of driving skill and appropriate risk perception education.
Peer education will play a key role in this educational method, as it has proven to be particularly suitable and effective in changing differing beliefs, prejudices and stereotypes within the peer group.
The action will take place over successive phases, with a programme of activities of no less than three years. All of our activities will be held on a non-profit basis.
The educational activity will take place in conjunction with ongoing awareness work, with the distribution of a package of materials (documents, films, CD-Roms, brochures, posters, contests, etc.). The reference model for the activities and territorial coverage may be extended in accordance with available resources, and is based on a strategy of cooperation among the various bodies, public authorities and private social organisations with specific authority in the education and road safety sector.
The aim is to carry out educational activities involving over 3,000 pupils per year (a total of over 10,000 people during the commitment period).



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