European Road Safety Charter

Autoalan Keskusliitto ry

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Autoalan Keskusliitto ry undertakes the following actions to promote road safety:
1. Information sharing and communications:
- We will produce high quality information and training regarding road safety to our members.
- We will publish 10 articles about road safety in our magazine “Suomen Autolehti” every year (published 10 times a year, edition of 8,500).
- We will write about road safety matters on the Traffic Safety -section of our website, from time to time (this site has some 55,000 visitors).
2. Member related activities:
- We will prepare initiatives and reports that aim to improve road safety for the use of decision makers.
- We will take part in the general debate over road safety issues that our members face in their own operations.
- We will support the Mobilia museum’s traffic park ( until 2012. The park provides 4 - 12 years old children a chance to learn the right kind of traffic behaviour.
3. Campaigning in co-operation with various partners:

- We will take part in a yearly campaign, which aims to influence people's attitudes about road safety. The campaigns’ objective is to get people to change their traffic behaviour without having the need of tightening rules and laws. The next campaign’s planning has started and it will be implemented during 2010.



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