European Road Safety Charter

AutoClub Assistance-Rus (ACAR)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
1.       On the basis of children accidents statistics, together with teachers, psychologists and the Recourse Center of Road Safety ( ) ACAR will develop and publish a book "Attention! Children" which will be a manual book for all the drivers.
This book will contain recommendations on drivers' behavior in frequent situations on the road and some facts about children's perception of irregular road situations.
The book will be given to the Automobile schools, school bus drivers, school and kinder garden stuff. The number of produced books is on a stage of discussion.
2.       The website will be reformed. New columns dedicated to the problems of life and safety on the roads will be developed by the end of the year.
3.       For road safety purposes ACAR will develop, print and dispense among club members and partners, information materials (100.000 brochures and 100.000 stickers).
4.       During the year 2010, In cooperation with Auto Journalist Guild various publications in journals, school lectures, etc aimed at reducing road accidents will be produced. The number of produced books is on a stage of discussion.
5.       During the year 2010, ACAR will produce short movies and programs for TV and radio, to inform public about Road Traffic Problems.
6.       We will regularly publish Road Safety information in English on our website


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