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Since its establishment, the German Automobile Club inc. (AvD), apart from providing support for motorists, motor sports and tourism, has also been committed to increasing traffic safety. The purpose of this association is anchored in the constitution which always determines the activities of the AvD.
According to its obligations, the AvD has been involved in approaching the worthwhile goals of Vision Zero as far as possible, though not ceasing in traffic safety work.
The AvD is committed within the scope of the European Road Safety Charter to the following:
1. We will keep offering road safety training
During the next three years, the AvD will ensure that each year at least 50 safety training sessions with an average of 10 participants each are carried out in Germany under the direction of the AvD or else under the direction of a company commissioned by it.
2. We will conduct mobile tests
During each of the next three years, the German Automobile Club will conduct at least 30 mobile test campaigns for two days per location. These measures will be implemented with the assistance of AvD test trucks which will be taken on routes throughout Germany for this purpose. The tests usually take place over 2 days at each location and are carried out at highly frequented places such as shopping centres, exhibitions etc. The inspection checks comprise of shock absorbers, brakes, brake fluid, tyre pressures as well as a light test. The tests are free for all participants and can be taken by all motorists regardless of any respective club membership.
3. We will work on the Highway Hero campaign
The goal of the joint AvD and Goodyear campaign, "Highway Hero", is to raise awareness among all road users to take action in emergency situations and overall to demonstrate responsible behaviour in traffic. As part of the campaign, brave assistants and rescuers in traffic are distinguished for their unselfish efforts and courageous performance.
4. We will implement the AvD education and safety concept for driving schools with partners
Road safety work already begins in the view of the AvD in driving training, so the AvD has developed a new education and safety concept for driving schools which achieves more than is required by law. Student drivers are supported in learning to assess themselves and their vehicles better. Among others, the use of driving simulators is one of the education and safety concepts for learning how to react in dangerous situations without exposing student drivers to any actual danger.
The AvD is also involved with other road safety campaigns:
1. "Tune it! Safe!"
The AvD supports the VDAT (Association of automobile Tuners) campaign "Tune it! Safe!" against unlawful and unsafe tuning. Young drivers in particular should understand that only serious and safe tuning guarantees the desired driving pleasure.
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2. "Vision Check"
The "Vision Check" campaign conducted together with the Kuratorium Gutes Sehen (The Board of Trustees “Good Vision” eV) should motivate drivers to check their vision regularly through voluntary vision tests. (More information at:

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