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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
1. We will launch an additional activity in our driving school which will consist in an encounter of all motorcycles’ drivers who made driving tests in our company. It will be opened for other interested motorcyclists as well. This encounter will be organized before the beginning of the motorcycle season. The motorcyclists will be well advised about safe driving by our trained instructors. We are foreseeing that 50 to 100 motorcyclists will attend every year.
2. Every year our driving school will voluntarily cooperate with different primary schools and offer help to instil their pupils a safe behaviour in traffic.
100-200 pupils will take part in this activity.
3. In cooperation with Ministry of Transport and Board of prevention and Ministry of the Interior at the beginning of school year we will voluntarily cooperate in education of young students about behaviour in traffic focused on drivers and pedestrians. About 100 students will take part in this initiative. Our teachers will take the students to some very dangerous points in Ljubljana and they will explain all dangerous situations that could happen there. They will also explain how to safely cross the crossroads at these points.
4. We will cooperate with Institute Zarja, that deals with rehabilitation of people with brain injuries, caused by car accidents. Cooperation is bilateral, their patients debate about their own experience with our candidates on lectures of theory, and we offer them help with assessment of their ability to continue with independent and safe driving of personal vehicles.
5. We will launch and take part in a traffic show on radio station. We will provide advices, answer questions and teach listeners about all novelties and actual matters concerning traffic. The show will be organised several times per year, and 10 000 people listens to it.
All these initiatives are organised voluntarily and for free with the aim of increasing road safety.


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