European Road Safety Charter

Bertschi AG

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

The undersigned, Bertschi AG, represented by Hans-Jörg Bertschi, CEO and Heinz Munder, Group Quality & Safety Manager, undertake the initiative to carry out certain measures that go beyond the established legal requirements, namely...

to permanently improve the traffic safety of our Europe-wide lorry fleet over the next four years through improved training of our employees, technical innovations and systematic controls.

Our efforts to decrease the accident rate by at least 50% are our active contribution to raising safety levels on European roadways.

This will be fully achieved in our company through the following self-imposed commitments and goals:

  1. Establishing wearing one’s seatbelt in all company lorries as a requirement and ensuring compliance through systematic controls.
  2. Establishing driving with dimmed headlights during the day in all company lorries as a requirement and ensuring compliance through systematic controls.
  3. Ensuring that the 0.0 millilitre alcohol level limit for lorry drivers in the entire corporate group is strictly complied with through in-company alcohol controls.
  4. Using telephones during driving – including using a hands-free device – is absolutely forbidden.
  5. Specialised training will aim to increase responsible behaviour and strengthen individual skills in road traffic according to the BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) guidelines. To this end, sufficient personnel and technical resources will be supplied in the company in order that each driver can individually further his/her skills through training at regular intervals.

These internal measures and systematic controls are arranged and documented as a Europe-wide programme, such that each individual driver will be integrated in and covered by the programme.

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