European Road Safety Charter

Bosnia and Herzegovina Automobile Club (BIHAMK)

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
  1. Lectures on child traffic safety will involve around 300 primary schools, i.e. 50,000 children, and will deal with the following topics: dangers on the road, traffic accident-related injuries, safe road use, the use of road safety items (reflective bands, helmets, reflectors, etc.). We plan to distribute 100,000 booklets on child traffic safety, including information on the use of child seats, safety belts for children in the back seat, children as pedestrians, children using public transport, etc. The children themselves will take part in public competitions to come up with fitting radio jingles and logos for the campaign. We will also continue to organise traffic safety competitions for children aimed at selecting a B-H team to participate in the European Traffic Education Contest.
  2. Safe driving project promotion, aimed at reducing the catastrophic consequences of alcohol and drug use on driving. This will involve driving schools and universities. The project will affect around 20,000 young people, while 50,000 booklets on dealing with the theme of the project will be distributed at the most popular meeting points of youngsters, in driving schools and faculties. This topic will be posted on our web portal, thus enabling discussion on these issues through forums.
  3. Action based on speed as one of the main causes of death among young drivers. This will be implemented in several phases and will involve bombarding the public with messages, i.e. on the consequences of unchecked vehicle speed. Billboards featuring messages related to the action will be posted in the 50 most popular traffic locations, and will be seen by more than 500,000 people. A total of 250 posters (including the city lights poster) will be placed in city centres, in particular in areas frequented by youngsters. The action will involve media coverage, posters and advertisements in printed media at least once a week, and TV spots including the “Slow Down - Choose Life!” spot.
  4. Creation of a website on traffic issues (road safety), to be updated regularly and planned as a multifunctional activity:
    • Collecting and publishing statistical data
      As statistics (particularly those related to road accidents) are not well organised in B-H, many valuable data are distributed around various institutional levels in the country. The BIHAMK will undertake the systematic collection of all available information on traffic accidents and publish it in Bosnian and English. The data will be published as numbers, but also via different types of graphs. The numbers will be contextualised and compared with regional and EU data. This service will be a valuable source of information for researchers, theoreticians, journalists, educators, NGOs and lawmakers.
    • - Information Resources
      Motorists will be informed about the current traffic situation in Bosnian and English. The main routes in B-H, and those most frequently used by tourists and foreign motorists, will be described in detail, containing special advice and warnings. Some routes are occasionally closed, not only because of road works, but also because of de-mining, and information on such routes will be available on this website.
    • Educational Resources
      In this section of the website, motorists will find instructions and advice on safe driving, how to avoid accidents, road conditions and pedestrian safety.
    • Multimedia
      In this website section, as well as our own audiovisual content, visitors will find international documents dealing with road safety issues with the authorisation of the licensee or under the Creative Commons licence.
      Visitors will be able to post their own content or recommend relevant road safety reference links.
      A special website section will be devoted to children’s messages, featuring their road safety-related paintings.
    • Forum
      Website visitors will be able to discuss various traffic-related issues within a moderated forum.
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