European Road Safety Charter

Budapest Transport Closely Held Corporation

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During the next 3 years, besides other accident preventive methods, our company will emphasize on the following areas:
Drivers targeted training:
Within our staff we hold "Behaviour correction trainings" specially for those drivers who are more inclined for accidents. The aim of this training (in 2x8 hours) is to abolish the deficiency appearing in the drivers' behaviour, to reduce the number of traffic accidents, to strengthen the service behaviour and to build up safety and service oriented vehicle drivers. It involves annually about 100 employees.
Traffic safety quiz:
Among the bus-, trolley- and tram drivers, we advertise the following quiz: "We are looking for the best road driver!" During these quiz series, the drivers give account of their knowledge and participate in theoretical and practical exercises. It affects all part of the transport services (network knowledge, handling extraordinary situation (lost properties) but the most important part of the quiz concerns the road safety issues (knowledge of Traffic Rules, practical tests, etc.) This type of accident preventive measure is based on self-development; the drivers participate in this quiz by their own determination. The pecuniary remuneration and moral recognition of the successful participants mobilize 500-800 drivers.
Contact with traffic participants:
The aim of our company is to present the special features and dangers of public transport for the traffic participants (car driver, pedestrian, cyclist, passenger, etc.). In favour of this, linked to the European Mobility Week, our company allows people to familiarize with our vehicles and their technical parameters on the Car-Free Day. They can try to drive our buses on a separate lane, so they can sense the responsibility of the bus drivers' daily activity and observe the correct and incorrect behaviour of other transport participants from the driver's seat. On the Car-Free Day, the employees of our company also give information to the general public about our services highlighting road safety issues.



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