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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 

Papaellinas Group of Companies is dedicated and devoted towards Corporate Social Responsibility. As a part of the CSR program the Papaellinas Group is committing to the European Road Safety Charter with the following:

  1. Will educate its personnel with professional road safety seminars and regulations. The company aims to educate all 500 employees, with intensive in-house seminars, lectures and reading material. Papaellinas Group of Companies organizes every year - on ongoing basis- seminars under the title "Road Safety" for all its employees (old and new comers). These sessions are for 6 hours.
    Lecturer of these Seminars is a former Police Chief Executive who is also our key person in investigating every car accident that we might have throughout the year. Furthermore, part of the curriculum is covered by an Automotive Mechanical Engineering teaching our employees the basics in keeping their vehicles in good and safe condition. Finally, a Psychologist elaborates and illustrates to the audience a chapter about road conscience and good manners of a driver.

    The contents and illustrations of our seminars include incidents of car accidents, road behaviour, explanation of road signs and signals, etc. Videos with real car accident are projected and analysed to the audience (by the lecturer), indicating the reasons that caused the accident and how it could be avoided. A chapter of the syllabus covers Proactive Road Safety. All drivers learn how to be proactive so that car accidents can be avoided at the maximum level. Also, some tests are given by the lecturer at the end of the seminar in order to understand that the audience comprehend the most of it.

    Lastly, a seminar is also repeated once a year at the Road Safety Park for all the families of our company to attend. The Road Safety Park is designed to meet the needs of both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of training on issues of road safety. With this seminar we aim to enlighten young drivers' members of our employees' families on road safety improving also their driving skills. This seminar is also conducted and facilitated by specially trained police personnel. We anticipate that approximately 200 adults and 150 children will attend.

  2. Will train the fleet drivers with knowledge in relation to car maintenance and technical engine inspections. It is important that we maintain and safeguard our personnel and aim to achieve a record low in car and road accidents
    The Fleet training will take place in the 1st semester of 2009 by an external consultant specialized in Fleet Maintenance and Safety. This training will mainly include:
    • Road Safety Issues for heavy vehicles
    • Laws and Regulations for heavy vehicles
    • Automotive mechanical check

    This training is in addition to the normal training we provide to fleet drivers.
    We will create a new Fleet Manager post that will have the following responsibilities, duties and evaluations:

    • Inspect on a pre-determined time period the vehicles and their mechanical state.
    • Evaluate the status and condition of the mechanical check on an official company document.
    • Suggest solutions and measures to be taken for correcting and fixing the vehicles.
    • Records will be kept, indicating the background of every vehicle.

The above actions are implemented and enforced upon the whole fleet of the group and our commitment will be for a three year period. We will review the first year actions in order to evaluate and continue with action plans.

Nicosia, 13th February 2009

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