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ERS Charter webinar on Evaluation of Road Safety Actions

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2. Marzo 2015
Online webinar
ERS Charter Team

The objective of the webinar is to exchange on methods to evaluate the impact of Road Safety action plans, either on global or on organizational level. Experts from ROSPA, Sanofi and the University of Valencia will share their experience on how they evaluate either occupational road safety plans, or initiatives in the area of education, training and campaigns. The event will be introduced by Susanne Lindahl, Policy Officer in the Road Safety Unit of DG MOVE, European Commission, in charge of the mid-term evaluation of EC road safety policy orientations 2011-2020 . You can book your place at the webinar now by registering online for free.

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Eva Prudilová
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+34 933 670 434
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SUSANNE LINDAHL, Policy officer at DG MOVE, European Commission
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