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Promovam ATITUDINI responsabile in trafic!

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1. June 2014 to 30. August 2014
Bistrita, Constanta
Cabinet psihologic-Simionca Ionel, Serviciul de Ambulanta Bistrita Nasaud, Inspectoratul de Politie Bistrita Nasaud

The Campaign "The alcohol upon driving is an ACCIDENT! "is a campaign which aims at raising the responsibility and developping the responsible attitutes of youth and adults in traffic; this campaign was initiated by Simionca Ionel’s Cabinet of individual psychology, in partnership with the Ambulance Service of Nasaud Bistrita and Bistrita Nasaud Police Inspectorate. Its main purpose is to sensitize the drivers regarding the risks triggered by the consumption of alcohol upon driving.

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psih. Simionca Ionel
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