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Rural Roads for Development Course

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15. szeptember 2014 - 19. szeptember 2014
University of Birmingham

Type of course: Continuing professional development

Duration: 5 days (15-19 September 2014)

Start date:15 September 2014

The University of Birmingham is pleased to offer three new hands-on courses in the areas of road safety and road economics and rural roads for development. The first is delivered in collaboration with iRAP (International Road Assessment Programme). The second is provided in collaboration with HDM Global and the third in association with IntechAssociates . All three courses are 5-day, intensive and practical residential programmes delivered by experts of international repute. They are aimed at road sector professionals, road engineers, field engineers, planners and road safety professionals who want to be exposed to cutting-edge established methodologies in road safety management, road economics and rural transport for development.

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