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In 1957, within the Children's Friends Association, was established a road safety initiative: "STOP! A Child On The Road". Since that time it has been conducting a number of nationwide actions and campaigns to improve the safety of children in road traffic. These actions include educational activities for children in several hundred social and educational centres as well as for children and teenagers on vacation at summer camps.
For the next three years, we will commit to the European Road Safety Charter with the following activities:
  1. Training teaching staff and educators in several hundred social and educational centres by supplying them with the most recent information on the rules and principles of road traffic in the form of brochures and digital recordings.
  2. Enlisting volunteers to conduct classes with children in the social and educational centres, therapy centres and other educational institutions supervised by the Children's Friends Association (TPD). The majority of volunteers are former foster-children that received support in our social centres.
  3. Training volunteers about Road Safety. We are planning to train about 50-100 persons per year. We organise trainings in co-operation with local police centres and Polish Automobile & Motorcycle Federation
  4. Supporting all national and local initiatives whose aim is to improve road traffic safety in magazines published by the TPD: A Child's Friend, OGNISKO, Care, Education, Therapy, Our ANIMATOR and Road Safety, a magazine which permanently cooperates with the TPD, as well as in other publications.



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