European Road Safety Charter

City of Lahti

What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
City of Lahti has set both quantitative and qualitative objectives for improving road safety in its Road Safety Plan until 2015.
The objective Lahti has set for decreasing the traffic accidents that cause injuries is more ambitious than the one set by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Finland. The objective is that in 2015 there will be maximum of 125 accidents (causing injuries) a year in the Southern Päijänne Tavastia region, while the average from years 2002-2006 was 190.
The Road Safety Plan consists of a work group of representatives from various sectors. The group will meet at least twice a year and make a systematic follow up of the planned actions.
As part of the Road Safety Charter, we commit to implement the following actions during 2010-2012:
a) We will complete 25 out of 29 proposed improvements for streets. There are altogether 38 improvement proposals concerning the road infrastructure, whose total costs are estimated 4,3M€.
The street projects will improve pedestrian and cycling routes by building new pathways, bridges and roundabouts. Many of the measures also seek to improve pedestrian safety, to increase visibility and to moderate speed.
b) We will produce and distribute road safety material for young people. Material and workshops called "Error Evaluation" aim to get young people to reflect their traffic attitudes. The material consists of an educational film, workshops, impact experiment on the use of seat belts, and a quiz.
This material will reach around 400 young people aged 15−16 every year.
c) At the beginning of the school year and when the semesters change, we will take care of informing the high school students about the following contents, taught in class rooms, by lectures held by road safety experts or by sending information leaflets: safe driving by car or by motorcycle, going by foot or e.g. roller skis in traffic and especially in the school zones, consideration of other street users, and promotion of the use of safety equipment.

The audience: some 8,500 young people aged 7−15 every year. 


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