European Road Safety Charter

City of Pafos

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The Municipality of Pafos renews its commitment to the European Road Safety Charter until the end of 2013 with the following actions:
1. In order to inform and enlighten our students and the young population in our city we will carry out informative open air events. These events will be enforced with printed material, audio as well as visual aid. In these events the participants will be encouraged to take part in workshops that will focus on them identifying road related risks and realizing potential ways of avoiding and dealing with them. The events will take place on a frequency of at least twice a year.
2. We will cooperate with institutions such as the Police, and association such as the Giorgos Mayrikios association to make presentations in high schools. Our aim will be to organize informative class sessions in schools. As a municipality we will also aim to introduce these informative class sessions to the schools. In other words encourage the schools to start running these sessions without our intervention.
3. We will continue to develop and improve our road network in our city. Particular attention will be paid to infrastructure and signs at areas of high risk. For this we will continue to employ engineers and experts in the field of road safety.

The Activities that the municipality is carrying out related to the European Road Safety Charter will be handled by a team consisting of the General secretary of the municipality, chief engineers, the social welfare officer and specialists in road signing and parking spaces.


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