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What are you doing/aiming to do for road safety? 
We want to increase children's awareness of bicycle road safety.
Bicycle is one of preferred methods of transport for children. Therefore it is necessary to increase the awareness of road safety for children
We want to introduce traffic rules and practical tips on how to behave properly in traffic. It is also important for safety to know how to keep your bicycle in working order.
We want to organize 10 hours' training course to 30, 10 to 12 years old children of the Võru Kesklinna Gymnasium. The objective is to train children (by lesson and practical training) so that they will be ready to make a bicycle licence tests. In the training we will teach the children road safety rules, traffic signs, traffic behaviour and how to take care of a bicycle. The training is completed with a theoretical and a practical exam, focused on road safety attitudes. All the children that have successfully passed the exam will receive bicycle licence.
The period of the course February-May 2009.
In May 2009, we will organise "Bike to school" week during which we will disseminate Road Safety messages. All the children that received bicycle licence, will go to school on bicycle at least during this week to be able to apply and practice the rules that they have just learned.
We will organise an activity group, who will register (by giving a stamp in special paper) all the children that arrive to school by bicycle during one week. Stamped registered papers will participate in lottery. The prices of the lottery will be asked from the bicycle shops. All prices will help bicycle road safety and healthy lifestyle.
We will then consider organising a similar regional event (Tricky and Tiny Crank) for children within that region to have the opportunity to receive the training in order to obtain a bicycle licence. Our objective is to reach around 50 children.
During the event there will be:
1.       possibility to fill bicycle licence written test (15 questions by 15 min)
2.       to give practical bicycle licence test on bike
The towns bicycle shops will be at the event to show how to take care of a bicycle, so it is safe to use.
Partners: Local police, Regional Road Administration, bicycle shops.
We will renew these actions for the 2 following years according to evaluation.
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