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Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK)

The Technical Chamber of Cyprus, a public benefit organization, regulates the Engineering Profession in Cyprus. The Chamber's scope is the promotion of Science in the different fields related to the disciplines of its members in Engineering and Technology in general, and their progress for an independent economic, social and cultural development of the Republic of Cyprus.


Cyprus Advanced Driving and Road Safety Network

The Cyprus Advanced Driving and Road Safety Network is a voluntary organisation promoting road safety in Cyprus. The network consists of people who have various road safety skills and believe in using those skills to help reduce the number of road traffic accidents in Cyprus. There are currently 15 regularly active and 15 unpaid volunteers.

City of Pafos


The city of Pafos is located at the south west part of Cyprus. It is the fourth largest city with 47.000 inhabitants. The Municipality constructs and maintains public roads and networks, deals with Green issues, public hygiene, deals with water supply issues, local and cultural events as well as with the cleanliness of public spaces.


City of Lemesos (Limassol)

Lemesos Municipality is the largest of the five Lemesos municipalities, with a population of 95,000. Lemesos is a coastal city in the south of Cyprus. It is the second most populated city in Cyprus, with the largest port.

Louis Group

Louis Group, founded in 1935, is a leading tourism organisation in the eastern Mediterranean. Over 8,000 employees provide services on a daily basis to tens of thousands of people around the world at the group’s 21 hotels, on its 14 cruise ships, at its 16 travel agencies and its catering outlets.

City of Larnaka

Larnaka Municipality is the third largest municipality in Cyprus and it is located in the south-eastern coastal area of Cyprus. The urban area of Larnaka covers 11,547 hectares and has a population of 70,000.

Custom Technology

Custom Technology is a small company with two registered employees; its main activity involves the creation of websites.

Hellenic Bank Public Co Ltd

Alongside traditional banking operations, the Group also provides a wide range of financial services including: leasing facilities, factoring, brokerage services, insurance, portfolio management, Investment Banking, mutual funds, Private Banking and custodian services. Number of staff: 2000 (Cyprus & Greece).

Latsia Municipality

Latsia municipality its one of the municipalities of the greater Nicosia area and actually it’s the entrance to the capital of Nicosia. The municipality has at the present close to 80 employees and an annual budjet of six million euros. Population of 13.000.

University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia (UNic) is a young university in Cyprus growing rapidly with over 3500 students and over 400 members of staff. With an international orientation it is striving to better the society we are in, both at home and abroad and it has established itself in areas such as psychology building towards higher teaching standards and advanced research.

Europcar Cyprus - ASG (Andy Spyrou Group) Public Ltd

ASG (Andy Spyrou Group) Public Ltd is a group of companies active in Car Rental (Europcar), Travel Services (Honeywell Travel) and Conferences and Incentives (Honeywell Incentives). Car rental is the biggest activity with a fleet of 1000 cars serving 30,000 customers per year. Employs 120 people.

Nicosia Municipality

As the capital of the Republic, Nicosia is Cyprus' political, economic and cultural head. Greater Nicosia is subdivided into seven municipalities, but the central and older is the Municipality of Nicosia with 48,000 inhabitants. The Municipality is headed by the Mayor and the Municipal Council. The Municipality's primary goal is to improve its inhabitant's quality of life. Number of staff: 498

Cyprus Ports Authority

Cyprus Ports Authority owns, operates and develops Cyprus ports.

More than 400,000 passengers in departure, arrival or transit each year.

Travel and Express Group of Companies

Travel & Express - Group of companies is the only Intercity Service Taxi provider in the country offering also a "One Stop Shop Solution" on transportation and delivery of Documents and Parcels on a National basis.
Employees: 160.
Vehicle Fleet: 100 Intercity Taxi's, 5 Minibuses, 27 Vans and 6 motorbikes.

Cyprus Automobile Association

The Cyprus Automobile Association is a non-profit organisation established in 1933 for the purpose of serving the private motorist and protecting his interests both inland and abroad. The CAA, through its capacity as a member of the Fédération Internationale de l' Automobile (FIA), pushes to make roads safer by strongly supporting all related campaigns worldwide. Number of individual members:1500. Number of professional members: 250. Number of staff:11.

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation

CY.B.C (Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation ) is the national public broadcaster of Cyprus operating two television and four radio channels as well as a satellite service for overseas Cypriots and a website with streaming and video on demand (own productions). Number of staff: 350

C.A.Papaellinas & Co Ltd.

C.A.PAPAELLINAS & CO LTD are distributors of Consumer, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Goods. They are also a Retailer of 12 Cosmetics Outlets, Beauty Line, all over the island. It employs 500 people.


Cyprus Tourism Organisation

Cyprus Tourism Organisation is a semi-governmental organisation entrusted with the development, marketing and regulation of the tourist industry in Cyprus. It employs 304 people.

BP Eastern Mediterranean Ltd.

BP Eastern Mediterranean Ltd is a BP plc. subsidiary company based in Nicosia with current main activities the marketing of Aviation and Commercial Fuels, Commercial, and Automotive Lubricants and Marine Lubricants. Number of employees 32 + 10-15 contractors.

Cyprus Association for Health and Safety

The Cyprus Safety & Health Association was founded in Nicosia - Cyprus in September 1991. During the fifteen years of its existence, CySHA has demonstrated a very rich action plan that contributed mostly to the upgrading of the health & safety standards in Cyprus. This action plan included a road safety campaign on motorcycles as well as the presentation of lectures on road safety issues.

Municipality of Strovolos

he Municipality of Strovolos was established in 1986 and has a population of over 60.000 inhabitants.

Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus Ltd

HELLENIC PETROLEUM CYPRUS LTD is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Hellenic Petroleum Group. It is active in the supply, transportation and marketing of liquid fuels, lubricants and liquefied petroleum (LPG) to commercial and industrial customers. It distributes its products to the public through a network of 78 service stations, using the EKO trade mark. The organisation is employing 70 people with offices located in Larnaca and Nicosia.

Cyprus Motorcycle Federation

The federation has 7 affiliated Clubs. Major scope is to controlling and supervising the motorcyclists activities of motor racing or leisure in the island of Cyprus. CyMF is a member of the International Motorcycle federation (FIM) and also is a member of the European motorcycle Union (UEM). All activities are based on volunteering effort. The federation is collaborating with all the Cypriot authorities for the road safety matters. Number of individual members: 467

McDonald's Cyprus (Family Restaurants Andreou Co Ltd)

McDonald's Cyprus (Family Restaurants Andreou Co Ltd) is a quick service industry, with employees ranging from 650-800, during the summer months. It serves app. 500,000 customers a month. It is actively involved in the communities it operates in.

Electricity Authority of Cyprus

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) generates and supplies electric energy throughout the island of Cyprus to a number of 450,000 clients. The EAC currently employs 2250 people.


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